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Our Lady of Guadalupe (JH, HS, ADULT)
The story of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Juan Diego reaches beyond place and time. Throughout history, God has used the poor and the powerless to act as social critics. Juan Diego, in his time, not only helped reverse attitudes of political and Church authorities toward native people, but he also initiated an experience of faith that has survived over four centuries.

In Word and Deed: Show #001 (HS, ADULT)
This show, which aired on 10/7/01, is about people of all faiths who make the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany a better place. It features: Fr. Peter Young's recovery program; John Perrella's mission to Africa; Diana Conroy and Fred Boehrer's Emmaus House and the Catholic Worker movement; Sr. Frances Eustace, CSJ, who worked with Dorothy Day for one year; and Kim and Reggie Harris, who use music to build bridges among people in the community.

In Word and Deed: Show #002 (HS, ADULT)
This show, which aired on 11/4/01, is about people of all faiths who give of their time and talent to make the Diocese of Albany a better place. It features: Rev. William Hemple of St. Paul's Lutheran Church and maritime ministry of the Port of Albany; Fr. Joseph Girzone, author of the Joshua books; RPI Habitat for Humanity volunteers; and Brother Michael Harlan, OFM, who raises awareness of social justice concerns through the Franciscan Center for Service and Advocacy at Siena College.

Bernardin (ADULT)
This is a television documentary that examines the life of a man who helped define many of the critical issues facing the nation and how America stood with him as he was called to publicly defend himself. It explores Bernardin's rise to leadership in the American Catholic Church, his role in creating anti-poverty programs, and the public debate on abortion and nuclear weapons. Bernardin advocated a "consistent ethic of life" and initiated a project of reconciliation called "Common Ground" - a healing legacy that transcends idealogical boundaries.

Blessed Katherine Drexel (HS, ADULT)
This video is devoted to the life and works of Mother Katherine Drexel.

Saint Francis Of Assisi (JH, HS, ADULT)
Beginning with the party-prone teenager, Francis, and concluding with a blessing from the dying founder, this life of St. Francis is simple, factual and powerful. It uses animation characters. The most significant scenes of conversion and growth are remembered with austere images and historical narrative accurate in every detail. The reception of the stigmata is a powerful sequence that will assist any viewer in comprehending this mystery. Francis' final blessing will move today's Christians as it challenged his followers nearly eight centuries ago.

Saint Rita Of Cascia (HS, ADULT)
This video tells of the life of Saint Rita of Cascia.

Saints Alive: Kateri Tekawitha (Emementary Grades 3-6, JH)
The life of Kateri Tekawitha is presented for children in a lively and entertaining format. The program begins with the story of the saint's life focusing on two or three essential values exhibited by Kateri. Singer-songwriter Mary Lu Walker then leads the children in a song that highlights one of the messages of Kateri's life. Finally, the program explores her values in the lives of the children.

Maximilian Kolbe (HS, ADULT)
From the midst of the hate and horror of a Nazi concentration camp came this sterling example of heroism. Franciscan Father Maximilian Kolbe laid down his life for another man. This true documentary/drama vividly profiles his life and heroic offering. The actual account of Father Kolbe's last days at Auschwitz is told by Francis Gajowniczek, the man whose place he took. Enhanced by scenes from Pope John Paul's visit to Auschwitz and his canonization of St. Maximilian Kolbe.

Communion Of Saints: A Litany Of Saints Old And New (Emementary Grades 5-6, JH, HS, ADULT)
One of the great insights of the Christian tradition is the Communion of Saints. In this video which is both educational and prayerful, the viewer is introduced to numerous saints and holy people. It will provide hope to any who doubt that God acts in our world and will gladden the heart of all who believe that we are part of the great circle of Saints. This video is recommended for RCIA, small Christian communities, Feast of All Saints, and for social justice themes.

Mary, The Mother Of Jesus (HS, ADULT)
This video presents Mary as a powerful model for our time - a person who was fully human, fully woman, fully Christian, and who brought and continues to bring Christ into our world. Contemporary photography, artistic masterpieces, and sculpture images are shown. This program gives a thorough presentation of Mary in Scripture, in art, and in the life of the Church through her feast days and apparitions. It beautifully demonstrates how Mary has served and serves today as a model of Christian faith along with her special role in elevating the dignity of women and motherhood. The meditative presentation of the Magnificat, Mary's prayer of praise, at the end of the video (approximately 10 minutes) could in itself serve as a moving prayer service.

Rome In The Footsteps Of Peter And Paul (Emementary Grades 6, JH, HS, ADULT)
Tour Rome from the first century AD to the present…all within an hour! Viewers will capture the spirit of Peter and Paul, see how early Christian martyrs witnessed to their faith; meet Constantine, the first Roman Christian Emperor; visit the Middle Ages; witness the Papacy's move to France and back to Rome; glimpse Christian Rome during the Renaissance and Baroque Periods; witness the discovery of the catacombs; and wander through St. Peter's Basilica of today. Long-cherished shrines and landmarks such as the Roman Coliseum, The Church of Quo Vadis, Mamertine Prison, the Catacombs, and St. Peter's Basilica are shown. This video consists of three 18-minute segments.

Children's Video Bible: Jesus And His Kingdom (Emementary Grades 1-6)
The Oxford Vision Children's Video Bible brings alive favorite bible stories in a refreshing and absorbing way. Each story is based upon a book from The Lion Story Bible and lasts approximately five minutes. Simply told and richly illustrated with the original text and drawings, it makes ideal viewing for young children. Stories presented are: 1. Story of the lost sheep; 2. Come down, Zacchaeus!; 3. Mary, Martha and Lazarus; 4. People Jesus met; 5. Jesus the King; 6. Jesus on trial; 7. The first Easter; 8. Good news for everyone; 9. Paul at Damascus; 10. Paul and friends; and, 11. Paul the prisoner.

Journey To Easter: A Lenten Program For The Whole Family (EL, JH, HS, ADULT)
Easter, the feast of the Resurrection, is a celebration of eternal life and of our faith in the promises of Jesus. It is a time to rejoice in the newness in our hearts and in the earth. This new life was bought for us at great cost - the suffering and death of Jesus. As Catholics, we commemorate this mystery during the 40 days of Lent preceding Easter. Hosted by Father Anthony Scannell, OFM Cap., this 7-part program presents one segment for each week of Lent. Viewers are guided on their journey toward Easter with greater insight and participation through the use of scripture, drama, and stories that deal with the concerns of life and the joys of reunion with Christ. The seven segments are: A Journey Apart (pardon and peace story), A Change of Heart (service theme and Mother Teresa), Who Are You? (theme of "seeing"), Lost and Found (the stray story), The Servant Comes (Eucharist themes), Way of the Cross (Shroud of Turin, and life of Father Maximillian Kolbe, martyr), and Light of the World (Easter themes).

DeSales: Writings of St. Paul--Video 1 (ADULT)
This is the first in a series of four videos. An inspirational and thought-provoking tour of St. Paul's life and teaching is featured in these engaging sessions. The most significant issues and problems of the early New Testament Church are related to modern Christian life. Participants will develop a more personal insight and appreciation for the tremendous contributions of "the apostle" to our scripture and faith traditions. This video consists of two sessions: 1. Paul: The Paradox of Being a Jew to the Gentiles. (The life and background of the apostle and his teachings) and 2. A Look at the Church Only Twenty Years After the Resurrection. (I and II Thessalonians and the Letter to the Philippians).

Work of God's Hands (Mother Teresa) (Emementary Grades 4-6, JH, HS)
Filmed on location in India, this video invites us to be present with Mother Teresa as she works among the children, sick and dying. "We are called to seek the face of God in everyone, everything, everywhere, all the time. And God's hand in every happening, especially in the distressing disguise of the poor."--Mother Teresa Where do we see God's face? Where do we hear God's voice? Experience the challenge to young people in discovering the way they can live and work with hands of care, kindness, peace, prayer and love. Study Guide includes activities, prayer celebrations, and prayers.

Everyone, Everywhere (Mother Teresa) (JH, HS, ADULT)
Mother Teresa challenges us to recognize the poor in all those who are abandoned, unwanted, or alone. She reminds us that we are all called to be missionaries of charity right where we live and work.

Mother Teresa, A PBS Presentation (JH, HS, ADULT)
This video depicts the life and works of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. It describes the growth of her religious community and the impact that these sisters are making in serving the poor.

Work Of Love (Mother Teresa) (JH, HS, ADULT)
This video shows a day in the life of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. It is beautifully presented and inspirational.

Heroes of Faith (HS, ADULT)
This video consists of 11 inspiring profiles (2-9 min. each) of extraordinary Christians: Fr. Lawrence Martin Jenco (hostage in Lebanon), Fr. Tom Takahashi (held in U.S. internment camp during WWII), Orel Hersheiser (major league baseball pitcher), Fred Rogers (TV's Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood), Flannery O'Connor (20th century author), Dave Brubeck (jazz musician), Natzih Rizk (a blind photographer), St. Francis of Assisi (poverty and simplicity serve as example to world), Jean Donovan (El Salvador martyr), Dorothy Day (founder of Catholic Worker Movement), and Martin Luther King, Jr. (non-violent civil rights activist).

Mestiza Virgin: Our Mother of the Americas (JH, HS, ADULT)
Produced in honor of the canonization of St. Juan Diego, this program provides valuable insight into the historical, cultural and religious significance of the devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

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