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My Son, My Son (HS, ADULT)
This is the story of two fathers and their sons. It is a story of regret and loneliness, of forgiveness and renewed life which looks with compassion at two issues in society today: homosexuality and AIDS. The video makes no pretense to argue for or against homosexual orientation, but portrays our need to respect and to love one another no matter how deep our differences. It graphically illustrates the human need for understanding, for tolerance, for caring, for compassion, for love; and can be used in a number of contexts dealing with attitudes of prejudice, reconciliation and openmindedness. The story is a take-off point for discussing values, which are a part of our Christian heritage. It is important to prepare the audience for viewing and to make sure that there is adequate follow-up time for discussion.

Teens & Sex: Deciding For Your Life (JH, HS)
In this video, Colleen George and a group of teens discuss the advantages of postponing sexual activity until marriage. The teens talk openly about why they have chosen to remain chaste and about the sense of self-respect and self-esteem they have gained from that choice. The video contains interviews with adults who explain that the consequences of premarital sexual activity can last a lifetime. It helps teens respect God's gift of sexuality.

Power Surge: Sex (HS)
Sex is on the mind of many teenagers. Hormones and peer pressure are intense. Shelly, the cheerleader, went too far. Now she is pregnant and her boyfriend has left. She thought sex would bring them closer together. A former Miss America says "Wait for marriage!" Young newlyweds talk about how hard that was to do, but how rewarding it is. Abstinence and starting over today is encouraged. This video lets teens hear from other teens and from experts on how teens can overcome.

Fast Forward Series - The Great Mate Race (HS)
This video is a relevant, entertaining program packed with humor and real life stories by young people on the topic of dating. How to get started dating, how to handle rejection, how to know if you're really in love are all aspects discussed on this fast-paced program. "Expert" Bill Meyers, talented author of the book HOT TOPICS FOR TEENAGERS and co-creator of the "McGee & Me" video series, gives advice and answers on the tough issues teenagers face in dating.

Power Surge: Dating (HS)
Dating is the biggest concern of most teenagers, but it shouldn't be your whole life! Miguel was so into his girlfriend that when she dumped him, he tried to kill himself. Today, he's got a new perspective. Joey and Elena love each other, they don't have sex, and they think it's important to spend time with their friends. Experts give great advice on how to keep dating in perspective. This video is guaranteed to get teens talking!

Communicating Christian Sexuality To Children (ADULT)
This video is designed for parents of children from infancy through adolescence. Its use will enable parents to feel more comfortable and confident when discussing sex with their children. The video stresses the parent's role as the primary educators of their children in this most important area of communicating Christian sexuality to children. This video can be used by itself or in conjunction with the printed program COMMUNICATING CHRISTIAN SEXUALITY by Lorraine Amendolara and Eileen Murphy.

Learning About Sex: Why Boys And Girls Are Different (PK, ADULT)
This is the first in a series of five videos. It provides a sensitive way to help parents explain God's gift of sexuality to children ages 3 to 5.

Gift Of Love For Life (ADULT)
Narrated by Bishop James McHugh, Director of the Diocesan Program for Natural Family Planning, Camden NJ, this video is an ideal introduction for anyone interested in natural family planning - teachers, parishes, married or engaged couples, and diocesan offices. Couples who practice NFP talk candidly about their experiences as a holistic approach to child-bearing that has given them a deeper understanding and appreciation of their own love for each other. The creative love and responsibility that develop from NFP are also expertly detailed by each couple. This video presents NFP as a safe, reliable, and truly Christian approach to sexuality in marriage. In personal stories, couples reveal how NFP fosters better communication, a stronger spiritual intimacy, and a greater awareness of true marital love within a Christian context.

In God's Image: Male And Female; A Catholic Vision Of Human Sexuality (Emementary Grades 5-6, JH)
This video presents a Catholic perspective on human sexuality in a comprehensive, developmental examination of the beauty, sacredness, and power of human sexuality. There are five units: 1. Sexuality: Something Special. Philosophy of the program and a survey of common themes and attitudes. 2. God Doesn't Make Junk! The young person's uniqueness and the influence of self-esteem in life decisions. 3. The Fabulous Female. Puberty and its changes, the female reproductive system, and the process of menstruation. 4. The Marvelous Male. The male reproductive system, puberty and its changes, and appreciation of individual maturation. 5. Your Right to Respect.

Molly Kelly: Teens & Chastity Part 1 (HS, ADULT)
In a frank discussion of teen pregnancy, sexually-transmitted diseases, abortion, contraceptives, and the "safe sex" lie, Molly Kelly presents the problems facing teens today and invites them to choose chastity as the best means to a happy, healthy life. The two-part format of this program allows for more meaningful discussion and follow-up activities between sessions, as well as ease of presentation and time restraints. Molly Kelly is a member of the Grant Review Board of the Dept. of Health and Human Services for the promotion of chastity. She takes her message to schools, youth rallies, and teen conferences in the United States and Canada.

First Words (HS, ADULT)
Can our first reaction to an unplanned pregnancy save a child's life? In this video, you will meet four women who handled their unplanned pregnancies very differently because of the reactions they received from their family and friends. You will understand how those first crucial responses from loved ones have the power to influence a life or death decision.

Choose Life, Choose Love: Sex And Catholic Youth--Part I (JH, HS, ADULT)
This is the first in a set of two videos. Kieran Sawyer, SSND, knows how to help teens see the big picture of human sexuality and relationships. As a result, teens become more skilled in making decisions and choices that foster positive friendships. This program emphasizes a Catholic perspective on sexuality. This video contains PART I: Inservice for Catechists and Parents, which is divided into two segments: SEGMENT 1: Moral Confusion. How to help teens develop Catholic values about sexuality in a morally confused world; and, SEGMENT 2: It's My Life. How to guide teens toward positive choices that lead to healthy relationships.

Great Chastity Experiment (HS)
An affectionate adolescent couple struggles with the pressure to engage in sexual relations together. The pressure so complicates the relationship that both have difficulty knowing what each really wants. They decide to try chastity for a week. At first they are uncomfortable, then discover new things about each other. They learn how to communicate on new and more exciting levels and that emotional intimacy has challenges of its own.

Life Before Birth (JH, HS, ADULT)
This beautiful video is a testimony to the miracle of human life as it develops from the moment of conception up to the time of birth. Acknowledging at the very beginning God's plan in the creation of every human person, the program reveals the infinite detail and delicate timing that, incredible as it seems, are "routine" in the gestation of every baby. Throughout the program extraordinary intra-uterine photography presents a scientifically accurate yet wondrously engrossing portrayal of life in the womb. The overall impression left with the viewer is of a powerful yet caring hand behind the creation of every life. This consciousness of the Creator in the fashioning of life sets this program apart from others like it.

Sex & Love: What's a Teenager to Do? (HS)
Here is a video for teens that gives some clear answers! In this dynamic, high-energy presentation, Mary Beth Bonacci talks to teens about the "do's" of chastity. Using Scripture and humorous, down-to-earth examples from teenage life, she shows that chastity is more than just abstinence--chastity is active. It's about loving--the right way. She challenges teens all over the world every year, offering practical suggestions to help young people not only to understand chastity, but to enthusiastically embrace it.

Sex has a Price Tag (HS)
Sex is a beautiful and powerful gift from God. However, He gave us a very clear boundary for the use of this gift--marriage, a permanent lifetime commitment. If we have sex outside of marriage there will be a cost--no one escapes. This video has a hard-hitting message about the consequences of sex outside of marriage. Pam Stenzel is a dynamic speaker who draws on her years of counseling experience with teens in crisis to effectively communicate this truth. This is a "must see" presentation for all teens, parents, and youth workers.

If you Love me. . .Show me! (HS, ADULT)
Paul and Jenny are in love, and tonight's the night they prove it. Or so Paul decides as he takes Jenny for a ride to the local lover's lane. They don't know it, but they're in for a wilder ride than they could ever imagine - one that will change their lives forever. This video provides a rollicking story about two teenagers as they struggle with sexuality: How do they know they're really in love? How do they show it? How about sex? Yes? No? Maybe? How far is too far? Fast-paced and funny, this is an engaging story about convictions and the courage to stand by them. Its fresh, realistic approach challenges teens to see sexuality in its natural context of love and life, and sets them on the road to success and happiness in all their relationships. The video will delight and surprise teenagers everywhere with its sophisticated style and ingenious use of animation. It is a great resource for teenagers, parents, and educators.

Making Sense of Christian Morality: Human Sexuality (ADULT)
Paulist priest and moral theologian Richard Sparks provides insights into living Christian values. He shows how Christian morality "makes sense" in a time when we all have complex and challenging decisions to make. Here is the best of Christian moral theology expressed in a realistic and pastoral way. Portrayals of contemporary life and enacted scenes make these insights come to life. The video explores what it means to be a sexual being, Christian teaching on sexuality through the ages seen in the context of the times, the "unitive" meaning and the "procreative" meaning of sexual activity; how sexuality is a wonderful gift and an awesome responsibility, the rights of homosexual persons, and the virtue of fidelity.

Relationships: Knowing the Good from the Bad (HS, ADULT)
This video challenges students to consider the quality of their relationships and helps them to be aware of their ability and right to make healthy choices. It has several role play situations in which ordinary teenagers are asked to dramatize common interactions in adolescence: concern for troubled friends, pressure to engage in criminal activity, report cards, dating and sex. The Teacher's Guide includes a lecture outline, worksheets, and self-assessment surveys to be used either before or after the viewings.

For Pete's Sake Tell (Emementary Grades 3-6)
This video and teaching guide gives adults a tool and information for teaching sexual abuse prevention to children in a positive way. The animated story is about Pete the mouse who, without his mother's knowlwdge, takes a ride home with a neighbor who buys him ice cream, compliments him and brings him to his house to show Pete a new video game. When Pete gets inside the neighbors house, he realizes that he has been tricked.

Safe at Last (Emementary Grades 3-6)
This video deals with family violence, physical and emotional abuse, and the neglect children often suffer in their own homes. Penelope Mouse, looking at a family photo album, asks her mother why she looks so sad in the pictures. Mother Mouse tells Penelope that Grandfather Mouse would drink with his friends and become an angry mean person. He would yell, scream and hit them. The story tells of the abuse and how they tried to keep it secret, and didn't tell or call the police. He always said that he was sorry, but the abuse didn't end, so they left to live in a shelter where it was safe. The story reinforces that you need to tell in order to get help.

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