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In Word and Deed: Show #001 (HS, ADULT)
This show, which aired on 10/7/01, is about people of all faiths who make the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany a better place. It features: Fr. Peter Young's recovery program; John Perrella's mission to Africa; Diana Conroy and Fred Boehrer's Emmaus House and the Catholic Worker movement; Sr. Frances Eustace, CSJ, who worked with Dorothy Day for one year; and Kim and Reggie Harris, who use music to build bridges among people in the community.

In Word and Deed: Show #002 (HS, ADULT)
This show, which aired on 11/4/01, is about people of all faiths who give of their time and talent to make the Diocese of Albany a better place. It features: Rev. William Hemple of St. Paul's Lutheran Church and maritime ministry of the Port of Albany; Fr. Joseph Girzone, author of the Joshua books; RPI Habitat for Humanity volunteers; and Brother Michael Harlan, OFM, who raises awareness of social justice concerns through the Franciscan Center for Service and Advocacy at Siena College.

Catholic Update Video: Sealed With God's Spirit: Teen Discipleship (HS)
This is one of four videos in the "Sealed With God's Spirit" series. It captures for Catholic youth how their baptismal commitment comes alive in service to others. The story segment follows a group of Ohio teens on a mission trip to Chicago. (12 min.) In the witness segment, we meet a college student who has made Christian service a main focus of his life. (3 min.) In the teaching segment, a youth minister answers teen's questions about Christian service and the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. (4 min.)

Family Theater Films: The Journey (HS, ADULT)
This is one in a series of five videos. In five modern dramatic stories, scenes from the biblical narrative are intertwined with the contemporary to create powerful connections with the Gospel. The stories address themes such as AIDS, stealing, abortion, reconciliation, peer pressure, family communication, and more. The scenes are realistic, well-produced and touch on relevant issues which will stimulate discussion and reflection. In this video, just as Mary and Joseph sought a place for Jesus to be born, a homeless couple struggles to find food and shelter for their child. Key issues: homelessness, activism, and family relationships.

In Word and Deed: Show #003 (HS, ADULT)
This show, which aired on 12/2/01, features the following topics and guests. Cobleskill resident, Jack Daniels, discusses why he became Roman Catholic and how his pacifism leads his life. We meet Imam Quassam Mohammed Yusefee, who serves Schenectady's Afghan-American community. Yusefee gives us a look into the Afghan Islamic Center and talks about his faith. David Kaczynski, Director of New Yorkers Against the Death Penalty, talks about his path in life and his active role with NYADP. Sister Helen Prejean, author of the bestseller "Dead Man Walking", joins us in this segment; and Bishop Howard Hubbard discusses, with host Bob Cudmore, David's role with NYADP.

In Word and Deed: Show #004 (JH, HS, ADULT)
This show, which aired 1/6/02, is about people of all faiths who give of their time and talent to make the Diocese of Albany a better place. It features: St. Bridget's in Copake Falls and how they have a sister parish in Central America; Maritime Ministry at the port of Albany repeated from In Word and Deed show #002; and the Evangelist Essay Contest on where you like to pray, which features Jillian Sherman, teen essay winner from the Academy of the Holy Names. Jillian wrote about God on the track. The title of the essay is: My Track to God. She shares how running track is also a prayerful experience.

Where There is Hatred (HS, ADULT)
Events in the world have shown that non-violence means much more than turning the other cheek. From Chile to the Philippines, from Palestine to Eastern Europe, people have forced major changes using the tactics of non-violence. This video is a dramatic witness to the power of the people who use non-violence as an effective strategy for peacemaking. It looks at both the moral and practical aspects of this strategy and suggests its application to turn societies around.

In Word and Deed: Show #005 (HS, ADULT)
This show, which aired on 3/3/02, features the following. Donna DeMaria from the Homeless Action Committee House (HAC) founded a shelter on North Pearl St. in Albany where people with drinking problems find a safe alternative to being on the streets. Viola Bucci, an 81-year-old woman with a wonderful sense of service, runs Helpers Community Service Shop in Gloversville. Love God and love your neighbor is her motto. Mary Louise Hamlin, known as POL (plain old lady), is in service to AIDS patients, their families, senior citizens, and others in need in Rensselaer County. Local celebrity, Eamonn McGirr uses his talents and business for a variety of worthy causes, such as Theology on Tap for Young Adults and the Center for the Disabled.

Business of Hunger (HS, ADULT)
In many Third World countries, cash crops are exported while the poor go hungry. This phenomenon, one of the major causes of world hunger, is examined in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the USA. The film also proposes a more just distribution of the earth's resources, offering a vision of a world where all have enough to eat.

Earth Is the Lord's (HS, ADULT)
The seven themes offered by the United States bishops in their pastoral statement, Renewing the Earth, are presented in this video to help us recognize, embrace, and build communities to champion a faith-filled vision of the Lord's earth and ecological responsibility. Building peace, preserving a just and sustainable environment, society, and world are not optional ideals, but matters of faith and practical necessities for human life.

UN: Earth's Hope (ADULT)
For fifty years, the United Nations has struggled with issues of peace and justice, economic haves and have-nots, the clash of cultural perspectives, and the environment. Churches have been central to envisioning a strong UN which would move the world's peoples toward freedom and security for all. This video, created by the National Center For Resource Center Directors, looks at the story of the UN along with the formative and supportive role of the churches.

Vatican II: Vision 2000 (ADULT)
This six-part series reviews the Vatican II documents and examines what the Church teaches and how it should move into the future in the spirit of Vatican II. Moderated by Dr. Angela Ann Zukowski,MHSH, it consists of conversations with American Catholic Church leaders and academics. The six videos are: 1) A Common Search For God: Dialogue Among the Churches; 2) A Century of Catholic Social Teaching; 3) Spiritual Life in a Consumer Culture; 4) Authority and American Catholicism; 5) Mary: Model of Contemporary Discipleship; and 6) American Catholic Morality in a Pluralistic Society. The series is excellent for religious educators, RCIA, clergy, laity, and religious.

Neighbor (JH, HS, ADULT)
This video brings to life the Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37); and features a young multicultural cast, stunning cinematography, and an original musical score. It was produced with younger, media-oriented viewers in mind. Many teenagers and young adults will be able to relate to a parable that reflects hostilities rooted in social boundaries and stereotypes. The contemporary settings encourage viewers to separate the parable from its historical context and see in its powerful message an antidote to the problems and attitudes that provoke conflicts today.

We Are Called: Catholic Social Teaching For Today (HS)
The purpose of this video is to acquaint teens with Catholic social teaching. Each principle is applied through individual life stories and experiences. It demonstrates that this teaching must be translated into action.

Building Shalom Families (HS, ADULT)
This program focuses on key issues confronting families in the 1990s. The segment on Trevor Ferrell, the youth who created a program for the homeless of Philadelphia, is most inspiring to teens preparing for service projects. Video segments are: 1. A Prayer for the Family (song 6:00 min.); 2. Family Meeting Principles (8:06 min.); 3. McGinnis Family Meeting (5:30 min.); 4. Trevor's Story (6:20 min.); 5. Reflection on Stewardship by Chief Seattle (1:20 min.); 6. A Reflection on Diversity and Equality (50 sec.); 7. A Reflection on Shalom (2:45 min.); 8. Families in Search of Shalom (10:53 min.).

Zimbabwe: Fight For Life (HS, ADULT)
HIV/AIDS is having a devastating impact on the people of Zimbabwe, especially women and children. The people you will meet in this video are battling this disease with great courage and determination. They live in hope for their children and the future. The support group and community care projects help not only those who are infected with the virus, but the entire community affected by HIV/AIDS. The video contains inspiring interviews with young children orphaned by HIV/AIDS and the dedicated Catholic Relief Services staff who work alongside the people as they battle this illness.

Journey of Hope (HS, ADULT)
This video highlights the lives and work of three Africans - an aid worker from Ghana, a counselor in Uganda, and a village leader in The Gambia - all of whom have dedicated their lives to improving their communities, countries, and the African continent. Supported by Catholic Relief Services and led by these three outstanding workers, you will visit three very different communities coping with the common challenges faced as a result of HIV/AIDS, poverty, and the lack of education.

In Word and Deed: Show #007 (HS, ADULT)
This show, which aired on 5/5/02, features the following topics and guests: A retired State worker from St. Thomas Parish in Delmar, Richard Harte, has found the true meaning of being a Catholic Christian. Richard is active at St. John's/St. Ann's soup kitchen, Table of the Lord, is a graduate of Formation for Ministry (FMP), and acts in an one-man show on St. Peter. Sr. Mary Felice is answering two calls; one is to be a doctor at St. Mary's Hospital and the second call is to be a Sister of Daughters of Charity. She places her patients in God's hands. She balances community, work, and prayer. The key is to discern what God wants for our life - it will give you peace. Joe Cohen, a retired attorney, shares how his son's killing was racially motivated and Paul Murry, a sociology professor at Siena College teaches about the degree of resistance in the 50s and 60s. Dawn Jarvis, winner of the Evangelist contest for teens, tells of her favorite place to pray. Dawn shares how St. Patrick's Church in Albany is truly home to her in times of need.

Marketplace Prophets (HS, ADULT)
This documentary reviews 100 years of Catholic social teaching. It examines how that teaching has developed and been implemented since 1891 when Pope Leo XIII issued his encyclical, Rerum Novarum (On the Condition of Workers). Highlighting the social, economic, and industrial upheavals in Europe and the United States at the turn of the century, this video shows a Catholic Church that separated its concerns from those of the world. It also features the organizations of the institutional Catholic Church that currently work to break the cycle of injustice here and abroad: the Campaign for Human Development, Catholic Relief Services, the Social Development and World Peace Secretariat of the USCC, and Catholic Charities USA. This video is recommended for adult education groups, secondary school programs, media resource libraries, and anyone interested in how the Church carries out its social justice mission on a day-to-day practical level.

Call And Response (HS, ADULT)
A group of college students from Michigan volunteer to serve in a summer program in Oaxaca, Mexico. This video follows them as they meet and serve all kinds of people who affect their lives in unexpected ways. Back in the United States, other veteran participants of the program known as "Call and Response" talk about how similar experiences in Mexico and Guatemuala have changed them.

My Soul Proclaims: Voices Of Catholic Women (HS, ADULT)
One works with teenagers to develop their leadership skills. Another brings the Word of God to the hearts of Christians. Still another eases the pain and anxiety of post-abortion syndrome. These are different women with different gifts, but the same faith. It is a moving presentation that captures the historical and contemporary contributions of Catholic women in the Church and in society. In their stirring examples of vibrant faith, you'll see how they are touching thousands of lives through their leadership, teaching, writing, and tireless work in parishes and in the community. Originally aired on NBC-TV, this video is a project of the Catholic Communication Campaign, United States Catholic Conference.

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