Catholic Faith Formation and Education

Wake Up! Spirituality For Today (ADULT)
In this program, Anthony deMello, SJ, gives a complete course on spiritual freedom. Using stories, anecdotes, and humor, he begins by focusing on prayer and continues with the topics of freedom and love. Father deMello's approach mixes common sense, startling originality, and wisdom from many sources in the East and West. He gives his presentations to a studio audience and handles questions that will provide a beginning for your own group discussions. Segment titles are: 1)How To Pray; 2) How To Be Real; and 3) How To Love.

Way To God For Today (ADULT)
This is a spiritual development program which can bring the whole person to prayer--body and soul, heart and mind, memory and imagination. In each of the six segments of the program, Anthony deMello,SJ describes important areas of spirituality and suggests spiritual exercises to help viewers progress in these areas. Each segment concludes with one of these ten-minute exercises to be done immediately. The program segments in VIDEO ONE are: 1) Silence; 2) Peace; and 3) Joy; and segments in VIDEO TWO are: 1) Life; 2) Freedom; and 3) Love.

Discovering Everyday Spirituality--Story (ADULT)
This video is the first in a series of four videos and contains parts 1 & 2. Series host Thomas Moore reflects on how we can all gain a truer sense of community, find greater satisfaction in our work, and come to a deeper knowledge of what it means to be human. Each video focuses on a different approach to discovering everyday spirituality. This video focuses on discovering everyday spirituality through telling our stories. Stories have the power to heal and set free--particularly the stories of our own lives, recreated, reimagined, and relived. Stories also speak of turning points, moments of God's presence, and traces of grace. These two episodes look at many forms of storytelling and help us to appreciate how the very act of telling a story is a connection with the spirit.

Vatican II: Vision 2000 (ADULT)
This six-part series reviews the Vatican II documents and examines what the Church teaches and how it should move into the future in the spirit of Vatican II. Moderated by Dr. Angela Ann Zukowski,MHSH, it consists of conversations with American Catholic Church leaders and academics. The six videos are: 1) A Common Search For God: Dialogue Among the Churches; 2) A Century of Catholic Social Teaching; 3) Spiritual Life in a Consumer Culture; 4) Authority and American Catholicism; 5) Mary: Model of Contemporary Discipleship; and 6) American Catholic Morality in a Pluralistic Society. The series is excellent for religious educators, RCIA, clergy, laity, and religious.

Creativity...Touching The Divine (ADULT)
This video invites viewers to come and explore the creativity within us all. It illustrates through a variety of creative people that creativity is not just producing something, but is an attitude, a way of living life, a way of connecting with the Divine. This program brings together artists and non-artists who have experienced the joyful tandem of spirituality and creativity. Viewers are inspired to rethink the possibility for creativity in their own lives, regardless of their circumstances or abilities. Persons featured include Thomas Moore, author of CARE OF THE SOUL, glass harpist Jamey Turner, Madeleine L'Engle, author of A WRINKLE IN TIME; and Urban Family Institute founder Kent Amos of Washington, D.C., who lives the African axiom "It takes a whole village to raise a child."

With Burning Hearts (ADULT)
This video shows us how the eucharistic event is intensely human, revealing the deepest of human experience: sadness and loss, attentiveness and invitation, intimacy and engagement. In that event, bread and wine are transformed into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. And we can be transformed as well--into whole persons who live deeply with gratitude and hope. In this video, the insights of Father Henri Nouwen are punctuated by enacted biblical scenes, artwork and poignant images of contemporary life. The viewer will come away with a new appreciation for the Eucharist and for its power to touch the soul. This video is perfect for Eucharistic Ministers, RCIA, sacramental prep classes, small Christian communities and for anyone looking for inspiration "on the journey."

Living from the Center: How to Pray (ADULT)
Despite numerous "time-saving" devices, are you always short on time? Do you feel overwhelmed by all the things you "need" but can't afford? This video invites the viewer to a change of life. Combining the wisdom of Father Richard Rohr with visually intense and heart-moving images, the video leads the viewer in a prayer exercise which could help him/her shatter false images of self, get out of the enslaving demands of our culture and find one's true identity in God. This is not just another interesting program to be enjoyed. It is a radical look at the illusions we have made into idols and an invitation to take an inner journey to the place where God dwells. This video includes discussion questions.

Reign Of God (ADULT)
In this program, Father Richard Rohr defines the Reign of God with stories and images which demand a response from the viewer. The words and powerful visuals will provoke discussion in RCIA groups, Adult Faith Formation sessions, and in small groups.

InnerAction: Life Crossroads: Making Connections (ADULT)
This is the first in a series of six videos. This series aims to help today's Christian adult connect the Good News of the Gospel with the real life experiences of childhood and adolescence, midlife changes, mature decision-making, aging, and the facing of limits. This session introduces participants to one another and to the series. It explores how faith affects our day-to-day growth as a person.

Where Jesus Walked (53 min. version) (Emementary Grades 5-6, JH, HS, ADULT)
Travel the world of Jesus Christ and walk in the footsteps of the Messiah! The Holy Land of old comes alive as the viewer witnesses firsthand the paths of Jesus' travels: from Bethlehem to Nazareth, Jerusalem and Calvary to the Sea of Galilee, from Capernaum to Jericho, His baptism at the Jordan River and His Sermon on the Mount, and His final walk through the streets of Jerusalem. Beautifully photographed, with scriptural narrative and original music, this visual account of Jesus' life gives viewers a deeper spiritual experience of those sacred places which witnessed His teaching, miracles, passion, death, resurrection, and ascension. This video journey witnesses to the Divinity of Jesus Christ and His love for all.

Faith: The Search For God--Video 1 (ADULT)
This is the first in a series of two videos. John Powell, SJ, discusses ways to grow closer to God through Scripture, listening, being open, and learning to love. Father Powell insists that God is not too hard to believe, but instead, is almost too good to believe. This upbeat program offers a beautiful approach to a living, personal faith, and is excellent for use with Small Faith Sharing Groups. This first video contains three segments: Faith: The God Connection; Faith: A Comfort and Challenge; and Faith: God's Gift.

InnerAction: Gospel Attitudes: Pursuing Happiness (ADULT)
This is the first in a series of six videos. Each person participating in this series will need to have a personal copy of InnerActor Magazine and each facilitator will need a copy of the Handbook for reference and guidance. This series is designed to help today's Christian adult focus on the Gospels and explore life issues with the insight of faith. It is a dynamic group process that challenges adults to respond from a renewed spiritual center to the critical issues of today. Authored by Richard Groves, who developed the DeSales Program, InnerAction includes video presentations, personal reflection, faith sharing, and journaling. This series is designed to span the generations of parishioners who are seeking guidance from the Church on the concerns of modern life in the light of Gospel values. SESSION 1 helps participants get acquainted and gives an overview of the six sessions highlighting featured presenters and dramas. Gospel focus is the Beatitudes.

Mary, The Mother Of Jesus (HS, ADULT)
This video presents Mary as a powerful model for our time - a person who was fully human, fully woman, fully Christian, and who brought and continues to bring Christ into our world. Contemporary photography, artistic masterpieces, and sculpture images are shown. This program gives a thorough presentation of Mary in Scripture, in art, and in the life of the Church through her feast days and apparitions. It beautifully demonstrates how Mary has served and serves today as a model of Christian faith along with her special role in elevating the dignity of women and motherhood. The meditative presentation of the Magnificat, Mary's prayer of praise, at the end of the video (approximately 10 minutes) could in itself serve as a moving prayer service.

Ministering With Small Faith Communities: Free to be Me/Beg Sm Comms (HS, ADULT)
This program by Madeline Gervais and Rev. Art Baranowski builds on Father John Powell's popular Free To Be Me video program. It helps individuals explore the way they look at themselves, at other people, at life, the world, and God. The program provides a beginning experience for developing small faith communities and helping participants to discover the power that small faith communities have to renew and revitalize parish life. Session titles are: VIDEO 1 - My Vision of Reality; How My Vision is Shaped; Jesus' Vision, My Vision; VIDEO 2 - My Vision of Self; Who Do I Tell You That I Am? My Worth in God's Eyes; VIDEO 3 - My Vision of Others; The Secret of Love; My Vision of God.

Stories of Faith (ADULT)
Powerful faith stories are one of the strengths of our Judeo-Christian tradition. Believing that God acts through our lives when such stories are shared, Kathleen Chesto inspires others to search for God in their lives. This video invites viewers to begin recognizing and sharing their faith stories. It can be used for catechist meetings, for parent sacrament meetings, during retreats, or with discussion and study groups.

What is Faith? (ADULT)
This video is an exploration of the questions "Where does faith come from?" or "How do we become people of faith?". Faith is a gift, but it is a gift that must be experienced and claimed. This video examines the importance of naming and claiming our own story. It is a great video for catechist and for RCIA teams.

Medugorje: A Journey To Inner Peace (HS, ADULT)
This is one of the best documentaries yet on the experience of pilgrims visiting the city of Medugorje, Yugoslavia. Sensitive and photographically superb, Cheryl Bunofsky's portrayal of the faith story of a group of pilgrims who travel from North Carolina to the home of the visionaries of Medugorje is well-balanced and engaging.

Journey To Easter: A Lenten Program For The Whole Family (EL, JH, HS, ADULT)
Easter, the feast of the Resurrection, is a celebration of eternal life and of our faith in the promises of Jesus. It is a time to rejoice in the newness in our hearts and in the earth. This new life was bought for us at great cost - the suffering and death of Jesus. As Catholics, we commemorate this mystery during the 40 days of Lent preceding Easter. Hosted by Father Anthony Scannell, OFM Cap., this 7-part program presents one segment for each week of Lent. Viewers are guided on their journey toward Easter with greater insight and participation through the use of scripture, drama, and stories that deal with the concerns of life and the joys of reunion with Christ. The seven segments are: A Journey Apart (pardon and peace story), A Change of Heart (service theme and Mother Teresa), Who Are You? (theme of "seeing"), Lost and Found (the stray story), The Servant Comes (Eucharist themes), Way of the Cross (Shroud of Turin, and life of Father Maximillian Kolbe, martyr), and Light of the World (Easter themes).

Gathered In My Name: An Introduction to the Spirituality of Family Life (ADULT)
This video explores the profound love that should be at the center of every Christian family. Ordinary family events--meals, conversations, moments of intimacy and reconciliation--are shown to be occasions of God's presence. By observing families of all ages and all sizes, husbands and wives, parents and children can learn to reflect God's love more fully. This video is ideal for viewing by individual families. It can also be used by parishes and dioceses for both marriage preparation and marriage enrichment programs. The enclosed discussion guide offers questions and activities for families and larger groups.

Children's Adoration (ADULT)
This video is dedicated to parents, catechists, and priests who want to lead young children to discover the hidden and loving silent presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.

Techniques of Spiritual Direction and Religious Counseling (ADULT)
What is the role of the spiritual director? How can the counselor focus on values specifically related to the spiritual life while employing techniques and insights drawn from therapeutic psychology? Father Benedict J. Groeschal, OFM Cap., answers these and other questions as he shares his expertise on these sensitive topics. Especially helpful is his four-step outline of effective counseling techniques. These videos are valuable for spiritual directors, pastoral counselors, vocation directors, clergy formation teams, and religious communities. VIDEO 1--Part 1: Models and Issues of Spiritual Direction; and, Part 2: Techniques Toward Insight. VIDEO 2--Part 3: Techniques of Decision Making and Integration; and, Part 4: Development Issues in Spiritual Direction.

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Audience Codes: PK = Preschool, EL = Elementary, JH = Junior High, HS = HighSchool, Adult

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