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Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace (HS, ADULT)
What is a moral person to do in a time of savage immorality? That question tormented Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German clergyman of great distinction who actively opposed Hitler and the Nazis. His convictions cost him his life. The Nazis hangedhim on April 9, 1945, less than a month before the end of the war. Bonhoeffer's last years, his participation on the German resistance and his moral lstruggle are dramatized in this film. More than just a biographical portrait, Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace sheds light on the little-known efforts of the German resistance. It brings to a wide audience a heroic rebellion of Bonhoeffer, a highly regarded Lutheran minister who could have kept his peace and saved his life on several occasions but instead paid the ultimate price for his beliefs. Color/close-captioned.

In Remembrance of Martin (HS, ADULT)
Personal comments from family members, closest friends, former classmates, and advisors are chronicled in this remarkable documentary honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dramatic archival footage traces King's leadership in the civil rights movement from 1963's Birmingham Campaign and the "I Have a Dream" speech through Bloody Sunday 1965 to the Chicago Campaign of 1966, which forshadowed his assasination in 1968.

On The Air: Life Isn't Fair! (HS)
That's right…life isn't fair! Sometimes it's just the little things that go wrong that can overwhelm a teen! In this episode of "On The Air," teenagers will discover that they are in control of their reactions to a world that isn't fair. They will learn how a change of attitude and perspective can improve their outlook on a world that is guaranteed to be unfair.

Carved From the Heart: A Portrait of Grief, Healing & Community (HS, ADULT)
One man loses his son to a cocaine overdose. Grieving, Stan Marsden, a Tsimshian wood carver decides to create a totem pole and invites the town of Craig, Alaska to help. The project grows; it brings people of diverse ages and backgrounds together, acknowledges common problems of drug abuse and violence and promotes healing within the community. This video generates questions about death and dying, family violence, suicide, substance abuse, parenting, the impact of the Vietnam War on veterans and their families and how a community can support its members.

Glidepath To Recovery (Father Peter Young) (HS, ADULT)
"Rehabilitate: Don't Incarcerate!" is the longtime slogan of Father Peter Young, a Catholic priest who has spent over 35 years working with men and women struggling to stay out of prison and free themselves from addictions. Working out of the Albany, New York area, Father Young has helped thousands of addicted people reclaim their lives and futures by means of his "glidepath" philosophy. His glidepath includes three components: recovery, housing, and jobs. Joined seamlessly together, these offer addicted men and women a fighting chance to become healthy, employed, tax-paying citizens with careers, families, friendships and futures. This dynamic program, full of tears and laughter, introduces audiences to Father Peter and many in his recovery community who share their dramatic, death-to-life stories. They have followed his Glidepath to Recovery and landed safely.

Renewing the Mind of the Media (ADULT)
Overcoming the exploitation of sex and violence in communications. Have you ever felt disturbed by words and images in the media? Do you feel powerless before those in control of news and entertainment media? This video addresses such questions especially as they related to the gratuitous violence and misuse of sexuality in the media. The United States Bishops' Committee for Communications present this video as a companion piece to their 1998 document by the same name in order to provide a starting point for further reflection and action by dioceses, parishes, and others. Production of this video was facilitated through a grant from the Joseph Cardinal Bernardin Fund.

Catholic Connections To Media Literacy (HS, ADULT)
A collection of timeless print and video resources to introduce media literacy in Catholic schools and parishes. Practical ideas and core activities for analyzing television, MTV, movies, advertising, music and the news; plus issues of violence in the media, commercialism, sexism and racism, bias and stereotyping, coverage of religion--and more.

Whatever It Takes: The "She Said Yes" Video Tribute (HS, ADULT)
A tribute to Cassie Bernall, a student at Columbine High School who was killed during the shooting there. Her friends and parents relive the Littleton tragedy and describe how the massacre and its aftermath strengthened their faith and gave their lives new meaning.

Suspect (HS, ADULT)
This video takes an insightful look at prejudice and perceptions between minorities. What happens when an impatient, frustrated African American businessman encounters a Latino cab driver who is reluctant to take him home - to Harlem? As they drive through the violent streets of New York mutual paranoia sets in, tension between the two increases, and weapons are concealed, in what could be a dangerous cab ride. Is there an attacker? Is there a victim? Who is Suspect?

Dispute Mediation (HS, ADULT)
Catholic Charities has eight conflict, dispute, and mediation programs in a 14-county Diocese. It speaks of Catholic Charities' mission as agents of peace; resolving disputes in schools, families, landlord/tenant and in the workplace. It trains teenagers to be peer mediators in schools and addresses disputes relative to youth's needs.

Broken Toy (JH, HS, ADULT)
Combining a dramatic storyline, performed realistically by actual school-children, this video is a powerful tool that addresses the problem of bullying directly to children. It is a shattering program that will move and educate children like nothing they've ever experienced. Raymond is a 12-year-old boy who lives with his grandmother. His lonely life is made even lonelier by the cruel verbal and physical treatment he receives from other children at school. In the halls, on the playground, even in the classroom. Raymond is the victim of constant bullying, namely from Mike, Troy, and their "followers". To these youngsters, Raymond's feelings mean nothing. That is until one day…when they go too far. Nobody meant for it to get out of hand, and certainly the children didn't mean for the accident to happen…but it did. In the face of tragedy, these "unfeeling" youngsters will finally wake up But is it too late?

Beyond Blame: Challenging Violence In The Media--Part 2 (Emementary Grades 4-6, JH, HS, ADULT)
Explore alternatives to violent entertainment, while teaching the critical role media literacy principles can play as a catalyst for challenging violence in the media. The Parent/Caregiver video (12 min.) includes: 7 group sessions, 4 video segments, 22 handouts, offers 90-minute "Town Hall" presentation and overview plus key concepts and strategies for action, take-home tip sheets, and checklists to help reduce viewing of media violence at home. The Teen/Adult video (35 min.) includes: 7 sessions, 4 video segments, 11 handouts; explores violence in sports, local news, music videos and movies, and includes action and advocacy activities.

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Audience Codes: PK = Preschool, EL = Elementary, JH = Junior High, HS = HighSchool, Adult

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