Catholic Faith Formation and Education

Strangers No Longer (ADULT)
Strangers No Longer invites us to open our hearts and minds and identify with today's immigrants. It reminds us of our moral responsibility to actively live our faith and our obligation to be a voice of change so that newcomers are strangers no longer.

Image Before My Eyes (Adults)
This award-winning documentary is a stunning commemoration of Jews in Poland between the two World Wars. It pays homage to the 3.5 million people who were destroyed during the Holocaust. Unearthing the stories of Jewish villagers, scholars, socialists, Ziojnists, and artists who built a thriving culture during a 900-year history, this film draws on the artifacts of a vanished world to recreate Jewish Poland.

Hiding and Seeking: Faith and Tolerance after the Holocaust (Adult, Young Adult)
A film about hope for the future, tolerance for the "other" and an exciting inter-generational saga about revisiting the past. This award-winning documentary tell the dramatic and emotional story of a Jewish father who journeys with his two ultra-Orthodox sons back to Poland to try to find the Christian farmers who hid their family form the Nazis. To his sons this is a land whose people are beyond redemption. The father hopes that if they can find examples of decency among Poles his sons will recognize the potential for goodness in all people.

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