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Glidepath To Recovery (Father Peter Young) (HS, ADULT)
"Rehabilitate: Don't Incarcerate!" is the longtime slogan of Father Peter Young, a Catholic priest who has spent over 35 years working with men and women struggling to stay out of prison and free themselves from addictions. Working out of the Albany, New York area, Father Young has helped thousands of addicted people reclaim their lives and futures by means of his "glidepath" philosophy. His glidepath includes three components: recovery, housing, and jobs. Joined seamlessly together, these offer addicted men and women a fighting chance to become healthy, employed, tax-paying citizens with careers, families, friendships and futures. This dynamic program, full of tears and laughter, introduces audiences to Father Peter and many in his recovery community who share their dramatic, death-to-life stories. They have followed his Glidepath to Recovery and landed safely.

Juan Diego: Messenger of Guadalupe (Emementary Grades 2-6)
This video tells the true story of how the Blessed Mother chose a hero, Juan Diego, for a key role in a beautiful miracle that would unite diverse peoples and change the course of history.

Work of God's Hands (Mother Teresa) (Emementary Grades 4-6, JH, HS)
Filmed on location in India, this video invites us to be present with Mother Teresa as she works among the children, sick and dying. "We are called to seek the face of God in everyone, everything, everywhere, all the time. And God's hand in every happening, especially in the distressing disguise of the poor."--Mother Teresa Where do we see God's face? Where do we hear God's voice? Experience the challenge to young people in discovering the way they can live and work with hands of care, kindness, peace, prayer and love. Study Guide includes activities, prayer celebrations, and prayers.

Old Testament Collection: Adam & Eve (ADULT)
An in-depth look at Adam and Eve, the man and woman who gave humans their humanity. As a creation legend, morality play, and love story, the story of Adam and Eve hs always been a source of fascination. This extraordinary program combines expert interviews, abundant location footage and rare paintings and artifacts to create a unique portrait of the two people who started it all. Some artistic nudity.

Old Testament Collection: King David (ADULT)
A look at the triumphs, passions, and failures of one of the Old Testament's greatest heroes--King David. This extraordinary program tells David's complete story, drawing on rare paintings and artifacts, interviews with experts and extensive visits to ancient holy lands. Some nudity in art.

The Last Supper (Adult, older adolescents)
As a symbol of love, forgiveness, and everlasting life, few moments in the Bible hold mre significance than Jesus' Last Supper in Jerusalem. For many Christians, the symbolic bread and wine from that Passover meal on the eve of His execution are the very centerpieces of worship. Still, modern scholars continue to debate the specifics of Christ's final celebration with His disciples. Join the world's leading scientists, scholars, and historians in an unforgettable exploration of Jesus' final hours on earth.

Old Testament Collection: Moses (ADULT)
Born of Hebrew slaves and raised the the Pharaoh's courts, Moses performed some of the Old Testament's greatest miracles. Yet the man who freed his people from 2,000 years of bondage and received the Ten Commandments from God was often beset by self-doubt. This extraordinary program tells the story of the Exodus in all its majesty, using abundant location footage, rare paintings and artifacts, and interviews with biblical experts.

Old Testament Collection: Noah (ADULT)
Every schoolchild knows the story of Noah's Ark and how be brought the world's animals on board "two by two". But what do we actually know about Noah the sailor, the vintner, the farmer, the healer--the holy man who is said to have lived for 950 years? This extraordinary program creates a complete portarit of Noah, prophet of the Flood, using interviews with experts and historians, film footage froom the reguion and rare paintings and artifacts.

Dedicated Man: Patrick Peyton,CSC (ADULT)
In this video, Father Patrick Peyton, media pioneer returns to the scenes of his boyhood in County Mayo, Ireland. Since 1945, Father Peyton has used the media and Hollywood's top stars to spread his message of hope throughout the world…"The Family That Prays Together Stays Together" and "A World at Prayer is a World at Peace." Now in the autumn of his years, he takes us on a nostalgic journey to his birthplace in Ireland…a heartwarming experience that families will enjoy.

Edith Stein (ADULT)
Probe the heart and soul of Edith Stein, the exemplary Jewish convert, philsopher, and Carmelite nun in this beautiful, authentic docudrama produced in Germany. Be inspired by this dramatic portrayal of her heroic holiness and virtue facing down a culture of death. A martyr of Auschwitz, she was beatified by Pope John Paul II.

Entertaining Angels: The Dorothy Day Story (ADULT)
This powerful new dramatization from the producers of Romero and The Fourth Wise Man, follows Dorothy Day through 20 years from her early days as a Marxist journalist, to her religious transformation, and struggles to establish the Catholic Worker Movement. Moira Kelly is Dorothy Day as she commits herself to battling for justice and a lifetime of service to the poor.

Life Of Christ: The Joyful Mysteries (HS, ADULT)
This first video in a series of three discusses the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary. These magnificent dramas unfold with startling reality the awesome events of our salvation, bringing a more profound understanding of the mysteries of the Rosary and the Gospels to young and old. Filmed in the 1950s, this timeless celebrated series will delight audiences and enhance religious education classes and Bible studies.

More Things Are Wrought By Prayer: 50 Years Of Family Theater (HS, ADULT)
Patrick Peyton, CSC, believed that the family that prays together stays together. He carried this simple truth to millions worldwide as a Catholic priest of the Congregation of Holy Cross. Beginning in Albany, New York, Father Peyton used the medium of his day--radio. He created a simple 15-minute program on a local station and from it, urged families to prayer and togetherness.

Pope John Paul II: Pilgrim at the Crossroads (HS, ADULT)
This is a commemorative video of the visit to the United States by His Holiness, Pope John Paul II, from October 4-8, 1995, including scenes from: Arrival Ceremony, Newark International Airport; Prayer at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Newark; United Nations: Fiftieth Anniversary Address; Mass at Giants' Stadium, New Jersey; Mass at Aqueduct Racetrack; Evening Prayer at St. Joseph's Seminary; Mass on Great Lawn, Central Park; Recitation of the Rosary at St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York; Mass in Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Baltimore; Evening Prayer at Mary Our Queen Cathedral, Baltimore; and Departure Ceremony.

Saints For All Seasons: St. Peter, Prince Of Apostles (Emementary Grades 3-6)
Here is a great way to introduce children to the saints and their virtues. Heavenly "archivists" Gilbert and Gwendolyn take turns telling the children about the lives and times of the saints. They make it a point to show how children can imitate the saints' virtues in the ordinary events of their lives. In this video, Gilbert tells of how St. Peter was chosen to be the leader of God's people--not for his headstrong ways, but for his strong faith. Lessons for children: to practice self-control, especially when they don't feel like it; to be obedient to parents; to help others; and to make time for prayer in order to strengthen their faith. Gilbert's storytelling is enhanced by heavenly surroundings, special effects, music, art, and cutaways to children doing good works.

Saints For All Seasons: St. Joseph, Foster Father Of Jesus (Emementary Grades 3-6)
Here is a great way to introduce children to the saints and their virtues. Heavenly "archivists" Gilbert and Gwendolyn take turns telling the children about the lives and times of the saints. They make it a point to show how children can imitate the saints' virtues in the ordinary events of their lives. In this video, Gwendolyn tells the nativity narrative from Joseph's perspective and how he followed God's plan even though he could not fully understand it. Lessons for children: to be just and merciful; to be attentive and obedient to God's will; to be humble and prudent; and to do their duties faithfully. Gwendolyn's storytelling is enhanced by heavenly surroundings, special effects, music, art, and cutaways to children doing good works.

Great People of the Bible and How They Lived (HS, ADULT)
They were semi-nomads: shepherds and farmers who moved their tents when the water dried up. They looked like hundreds of other families, slowly moving through the lands of Mesopotamia, Canaan and Egypt in search of better lands for their flocks and crops. But they were different. Follow four generations of the family who believed the promises of God: Abraham and Sarah, Isaac, Jacob and Esau, and Joseph.

Heroes of Faith (HS, ADULT)
This video consists of 11 inspiring profiles (2-9 min. each) of extraordinary Christians: Fr. Lawrence Martin Jenco (hostage in Lebanon), Fr. Tom Takahashi (held in U.S. internment camp during WWII), Orel Hersheiser (major league baseball pitcher), Fred Rogers (TV's Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood), Flannery O'Connor (20th century author), Dave Brubeck (jazz musician), Natzih Rizk (a blind photographer), St. Francis of Assisi (poverty and simplicity serve as example to world), Jean Donovan (El Salvador martyr), Dorothy Day (founder of Catholic Worker Movement), and Martin Luther King, Jr. (non-violent civil rights activist).

John Paul II: A Light for the Nations (HS, ADULT)
With his elevation to the papacy in 1978, John Paul II reshaped its image and the Church through his worldwide travels, statesmanship, and personal charisma. Produced on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his priesthood, this video is an intimate portrait of the life and ministry of John Paul II as seen through the eyes of childhood friends and Church leaders. It is narrated by Martin Sheen and originally aired on many ABC-TV affiliates.

Maximilian Kolbe (HS, ADULT)
From the midst of the hate and horror of a Nazi concentration camp came this sterling example of heroism. Franciscan Father Maximilian Kolbe laid down his life for another man. This true documentary/drama vividly profiles his life and heroic offering. The actual account of Father Kolbe's last days at Auschwitz is told by Francis Gajowniczek, the man whose place he took. Enhanced by scenes from Pope John Paul's visit to Auschwitz and his canonization of St. Maximilian Kolbe.

Mary, The Mother Of Jesus (HS, ADULT)
This video presents Mary as a powerful model for our time - a person who was fully human, fully woman, fully Christian, and who brought and continues to bring Christ into our world. Contemporary photography, artistic masterpieces, and sculpture images are shown. This program gives a thorough presentation of Mary in Scripture, in art, and in the life of the Church through her feast days and apparitions. It beautifully demonstrates how Mary has served and serves today as a model of Christian faith along with her special role in elevating the dignity of women and motherhood. The meditative presentation of the Magnificat, Mary's prayer of praise, at the end of the video (approximately 10 minutes) could in itself serve as a moving prayer service.

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