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Sacred Place: Your Catholic Burial Options (ADULT)
This short video will help show families the wide range of options available at Diocesan cemeteries.

Transportation Programs (ADULT)
This video depicts seniors who volunteer to transport other seniors in need to appointments and other errands.

Communicating With Compassion (ADULT)
Karen Fox was diagnosed with cancer at age 24. She was a single parent and sole supporter of two children. During long stretches of time in the hospital, she saw how patients have a deep need for emotional support, because illness intensifies a person's feeling of isolation. So, in 1985, Karen founded the Adventures in Caring Foundation to provide a friendly face and a good listener at the patieint's bedside. In 1991, President Bush recognized her team of volunteers with his Daily Point of Light Award. In this video, Karen explains a step-by-step method for communicating with people who are ill, injured, isolated, or in distress. This video is an inspiring training or refresher course for volunteers, staff, and families, as she demonstrates using real situations.

Peaceful Journeys: Part 3 - Caring (HS, ADULT)
This is the third in a series of three videos with Robert Wicks, Professor and Chairperson of Graduate Programs in Pastoral Counseling at Loyola College in Maryland. Discussion questions include: "Listening is healing." When did someone listen to you and the result was healing? When did you do that for someone else? What did you think of the "fugitive" story? Did the ending surprise you? How does it impact the way we read the Bible? Dr. Wicks quotes several people in this video, Nelson Mandela and Elie Wiesel among them. Which quote means the most to you? In the story of the little girl, she helps another to cry. Has another ever helped you to cry? Can tears be healing? Caring often means staying with another in pain. Talk about a time when this was difficult for you. Dr. Wicks speaks of the "circle of grace". When have you ever experienced the circle of grace? When have you felt out of that circle? Describe "healthy" caring and contrast it to "unhealthy" caring.

No One Cries The Wrong Way: Grief, Suffering, And Death (HS, ADULT)
This program features Father Joe Kempf and others who witness to their experiences of faith during times of great challenge. It is not meant to be watched in one sitting. The eight presentations are written so that one or, at most, two would be used per session. It is important that after each session you stop and utilize the guide. SECTION ONE: The Face of God (26 min.); SECTION TWO: Life From the Shattered Pieces (17 min.); SECTION THREE: Dignity - In Life and In Death (17 min.); SECTION FOUR: Life After Life (10 min.); SECTION FIVE: To Grieve (21 min.); SECTION SIX: Putting Skin on God (18 min.); SECTION SEVEN: Be Still and Know That I Am God (13 min.); and, SECTION EIGHT: We Pray (12 min.).

When Your Parent Needs You (adult)
Caring for a parent is an all-encompassing experience that affects every aspect of our lives. This video focuses on the positive aspects of caregiving and on what caregivers can obtain from their experience. Covers topics such as: Becoming you parent's caregiver, Experiencing life changes through caregiving, Recognizing and dealing with the stress of caregiving, Growing as caregiver

In Their Own Voices: Ministry to the Aging in the 21st Century (ADULT)
Part of the Office of Pastoral Care collection in the Diocesan Resource Center.

Elder Ministry: Are You Ready for the Demographic Shift? (ADULT)
Part of the Office of Pastoral Care collection in the Diocesan Resource Center.

Living with Grief: Children Mourning, Mourning Children (ADULT)
Second Annual National Bereavement Teleconference March 30, 1995

Catholic Update Video: Caring With Faith (HS and Adult)
Four DVDs in one set: Training Ministers to the Sick Facing My Own Suffering and Loss Suffering with a Loved One Toward Death with Hope Each DVD contains 4 segments: Story, Witness, Teaching, and Music Video

Catholic Update Video: Training Bereavement Ministers (ADULT)
2 DVDs: Responding to Grief (47 min) Introduces the bereavement minister to the context in which they will minister, with emphasis on the emotional and spiritual needs of the bereaved. Three 'case study' vignettes are each followed by comments by a panel of bereavement ministers on the situation of grief. Funeral Planning (47 min): Explores how the Church's funeral rites can help the bereaved in their journey from grief to hope. The 'case study' vignettes are each followed by comments by a liturgist and bereavement ministers on the funeral rites.

When A Loved One Dies (Youth)
The death of a loved one is always a difficult experience. But when you are a teenager, walking through grief is particularly poignant. It is punctuated by all the conflicts and questions and realizations of the teen years. This program helps teens understand the grief process through the testimonies of young people who have walked through it, and gives hope that you can heal and grow through this life-changing experience. Covers topics such as: Surviving the first days, weeks, and months after a death; Grieving the relationship lost; Grieving particular types of death; Facing your future; Learning to cope; Rebuilding your life.

Helping Children Grieve (ADULT)
Offers helpful information to adults (parents, caregivers, professionals) on how to help children of all ages grieve with hope and heart. You will meet two experts: Khris Ford and Paula D'Arcy, whose personal experiences with death give them intimate knowledge and compassion. And you will meet others who are now in the process of helping their children through grief. Topics include: Differences between how adults and children grieve; How a parent can grieve while still helping a child to grieve; Three common feelings expressed by all grieving children; How to be authentic and tell children the truth about death.

A Place Prepared (ADULT)
For children, death seems unreal and at a distance--until it comes close: a grandparent, a father, a mother, a sibling, or a pet dies. Suddenly death becomes real and immediate--and children have questions about what has happened: What does die mean? Where is Daddy now? In heaven? Can I go see him? And what is heaven? A Place Prepared will help you talk with children about death and heaven, and help you to prepare them for the inevitable losses that they will experience throughout their lives. Four segments.

Almost Home: Living With Suffering & Dying (HS, ADULT)
In this video, Sister Thea Bowman, a nationally known Black Catholic sister, shares her personal experiences of living with the sufferings and uncertainties of a terminal illness. Through Sister Thea's depth of spirituality and her gift of storytelling, you will discover that the sufferings we encounter and the finiteness of our existence pale in the splendor and power of God's gift of life and His eternal promises to us.

Carved From the Heart: A Portrait of Grief, Healing & Community (HS, ADULT)
One man loses his son to a cocaine overdose. Grieving, Stan Marsden, a Tsimshian wood carver decides to create a totem pole and invites the town of Craig, Alaska to help. The project grows; it brings people of diverse ages and backgrounds together, acknowledges common problems of drug abuse and violence and promotes healing within the community. This video generates questions about death and dying, family violence, suicide, substance abuse, parenting, the impact of the Vietnam War on veterans and their families and how a community can support its members.

Coping With Clayton Barbeau: Coping With Loss (ADULT)
This is the third of a series of four videos. No human being escapes coping with loss in life. According to therapist, Clayton Barbeau, failing to cope with loss, both great and small, is to wound ourselves. Using humorous and dramatic stories from real life situations, Barbeau leads his audience to examine healthy coping from death of a loved one to simple losses in daily living. He insists that we must be patient with ourselves when faced with serious loss. He shares the wisdom he gained watching himself cope with the unexpected death of his wife of 26 years. The successful life, he says, is a constant process of both loss and gain.

Family Dynamics: Your Aging Parents: Caring For Yourself . . . (ADULT)
Oftentimes care givers report that they sacrifice their own personal time, privacy, peace of mind, freedom and personal plans to assist their parents. Depression, anxiety and grief are common emotional responses that care givers may never have experience before the time of care giving. This program addresses these concerns by offering many practical ideas for restoring balance into the care giver's life and for preventing the hazards of care giver burnout.

It Must Hurt A Lot: A Child's Story About Death (PK, Emementary Grades K-1)
From the Heart to Heart Series, this video is a story about death and learning and growing. Joshua returns home from a day at school to discover that his pet, Muffin, has been hit by a car and has died. Stunned by the news, Joshua is hurt and angry. This video explores all the honest emotions Joshua feels as he tries to deal with this terrible loss. Joshua learns some valuable secrets for coping as he grows through his loss. Taken from the book by the same name, the story by Doris Sanford with pictures by Graci Evans is told by a young child to speak to the hearts of other young children.

Walks With Jesus: Vol. 3-Anointing of the Sick (HS, ADULT)
This is the third of three videos on the sacraments; the other two are on Eucharist and Reconciliation. This video includes three 7-minute meditations ideal for individual and group use in hospitals and hospices, adult education, discussion starter, RCIA, or parent meetings for sacrament programs: Vietnam Vet's Story, Paramedic's Story, and Pioneer's Story. Here is a versatile resource for ministering to the sick and/or dying. Combining scripture, prayer, true stories, and music, Mark Link touches upon the stuff of mystery: sickness, death and dying, and physical decline.

Whatever It Takes: The "She Said Yes" Video Tribute (HS, ADULT)
A tribute to Cassie Bernall, a student at Columbine High School who was killed during the shooting there. Her friends and parents relive the Littleton tragedy and describe how the massacre and its aftermath strengthened their faith and gave their lives new meaning.

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