Catholic Faith Formation and Education

Yes You Can Say No (Grades 2-6)
David is being sexually exploited by a once-trusted adult. Drawing on his own resources and those of his friends, David learns the assertiveness skills necessary to resist and report the abuse. Students will share David's growing sense of confidence as he learns not only how to handle the situation that has troubled him, but how to deal with everyday challenges at home and at school.

My Body Belongs to Me (K-2)
This video focuses on a few important issues that help children of kindergarten age through second grade learn about appropriate kinds of touches and what they can do. The program has two parts: the first involves an informative conversation between a puppet and a male counselor. The second part introduces a different puppet wo plays school with a few children from the audience to interactively repeat lessons of "good touch" and "bad touch."

Stranger Safety (El Gr 3-5)
Smart. Cool. Safe. Julie Clark and John Walsh have created The Safe Side to give kids a super-fun way to learn important safety information, and to provide parents with simple and engaging ways to discuss this subject with their children. This Emmy Award-winning, laugh-out-loud show teaches kids how to avoid dangerous situations with people they don't know and those they kinda know. Full of important Hot Tips that are presented with humor, STRANGER SAFETY will empower your child to make super-smart decisions. Perfect for elementary school-aged kids.

Internet Safety (Emementary Grades 3-6)
Smart. Cool. Safe. How can kids learn to stay safe on the Internet in a way that's fun, engaging and smart? With The Safe Side Internet Safety DVD, of course! From the creators of the best-selling Stranger Safety show comes Internet Safety, another enlightening, zany adventure with Safe Side Superchick and her goofy sidekicks. Your children will love watching the antics of this crazy trio as they learn about Internet safety and staying smart, cool, and safe.

Personal Safety Awareness for Learning for Life (Adolescent; Young Adults)
This video is a presentaiton for any young person 14 through 20 years of age. It is made up of aseries of four vignettes dealing with the issues of acquaintance rape, Internet safety and pornography, peer sexual harassment, and suicide and depression. Each scenario has points at which the video presentation is suspended for local group discussion. All scenarios have "reality check" sections pointing out critical information regarding each situation. This video is segmented for flexibility in a class or meeting venue.

Abuse: If It Happens to You (Grades 5-9)
This video is designed to help young teens understand that abuse, of all types, is relatively common, and that if it happens to them they must tell a trusted adult. This program examines three different types of abuse: physical, emotional, and sexual. It helps young teens understand that the victim is always innocent. The victim did not cause the abuse and never deserves it.

Safe at Last (Emementary Grades 3-6)
This video deals with family violence, physical and emotional abuse, and the neglect children often suffer in their own homes. Penelope Mouse, looking at a family photo album, asks her mother why she looks so sad in the pictures. Mother Mouse tells Penelope that Grandfather Mouse would drink with his friends and become an angry mean person. He would yell, scream and hit them. The story tells of the abuse and how they tried to keep it secret, and didn't tell or call the police. He always said that he was sorry, but the abuse didn't end, so they left to live in a shelter where it was safe. The story reinforces that you need to tell in order to get help.

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Audience Codes: PK = Preschool, EL = Elementary, JH = Junior High, HS = HighSchool, Adult

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