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Francesco's Friendly World: The Last Stone (PK, Emementary Grades K-3)
Welcome to Francesco's friendly world. Through Francesco and his friends, you will learn all about God's love, the joys of giving, and how prayers are often answered in wonderous ways. When a storm damages the animals' homes and San Damiano Church, Francesco and his animal friends work together to repair the church before the townspeople arrive at sunrise on Easter morning. It comes down to the last minute and the last stone! CLOSED CAPTIONED.

McGee & Me: In The Nick Of Time (Emementary Grades 4-6, JH)
On a thrilling mountain-climbing vacation, a very nervous Nick learns to trust God and have courage when his dad slips on some rocks.

Children's Parables Series: Wendy And The Whine (PK, Emementary Grades 1-3)
Wendy whines when she needs lunch money before school, she whines when she has to take a spelling test, she whines at her baby sister's birthday party. Only this time when Wendy whines, the little whine jumps right out of her mouth and rushes around the room irritating her family. Wendy tries to keep the whine inside by whispering, but when a whine slips out at school and causes a storm of trouble, she decides not to talk at all. A final whine unleashes a tornado at Grandma's house. Grandma encourages Wendy to pray, and the solution God and Grandma give Wendy turns her whines into giggles.

Through Grandpa's Eyes (EL, ADULT)
This story, based on a Newberry Award winner by Patricia MacLachlan, offers a warm glimpse into the loving relationship of a young boy and his blind grandfather. As they spend the day together exploring the woodsy countryside, making music, "watching" TV, reminiscing with Nana, Grandpa shares the insights of his years, his experience, and his blindness with Johnny. The video beautifully highlights the many other gifts that people with disabilities have to offer. The time spent and shared nurtures a loving relationship that will enrich Johnny forever.

Davey & Goliath: Halloween Who Did It? (Emementary Grades 2-4)
To prepare for their Halloween guests, Davey & Goliath visit the baker. Davey tries to make donuts and makes a mess. The baker, Mr. Kloss, forgives him. They go on to visit Mr. Green, the beekeeper. Later that night, they all go to the Halloween party together where Davey's costume wins first prize. When Davey and Sally realize no one can recognize them in their costumes, they leave the party and begin to make mischief. The next morning Mr. Kloss offers to pay for the mischief making. Sally, Davey & Goliath begin to feel remorse as they remember Mr. Green saying "God knows who's behind our masks." Davey confesses and offers to help make amends for the night of mischief.

Stations of the Cross for Children (Emementary Grades 1-6)
Children are guided in this video by Father Stan, a priest who often spends time in church to think and pray. He invites young viewers to accompany him as he makes the way of the cross. Each station is described in simple and clear language (and beautifully illustrated), so that children can reflect on what happened there. The primary goal of this video is to help children, ages 7-12, view the stations of the cross as an opportunity to follow Jesus more closely. It emphasizes what children can do today to be more Christlike after reflecting on what happened to Jesus at each of his fourteen stops on the way to Calvary.

Children of the Earth (Series)-South America Close-Up: Peru; Brazil (Emementary Grades 5-6, JH, HS)
This video will show U.S. children the ways young people live in other parts of the world. A 13-year-old girl from Peru introduces her life. A 15-year-old boy from Brazil shares his life.

Close Encounters with the Mass (Emementary Grades 3-6)
Sandra is having problems understanding the various symbols and rituals in the Celebration of the Eucharist and what they mean. To make matters worse, Mr. Ferndock volunteers to fill in for the regular religion teacher and confuses the issue even more. Luckily, the "Close Encounters" angel comes to the resue form the control room of "The Mass Channel." She takes Sandra and Mr. Ferndock on a video journey showing how gathering the faith community for the weekly Mass is very much like gathering the family for the celebration of Thanksgiving. Includes study guide.

Giving Tree, The (K-12, Adult)
Based on Shel Silverstein's book, this poignant story about the relationship between a boy and a tree illustrates some truths about the meaning of giving, receiving, and love. The tree happily and unselfishly offers itself to the boy for climbing, shade, and rest. But as the boy grows up, he wants different things from the tree--money & lumber. The boy's life takes him farther and farther from the tree, but old age reunites them and brings their relationship full circle.

Greatest Adventure Stories From The Bible: Nativity (EL, JH)
"The Nativity" is one in a series of Bible epsodes seen through the eyes of three young visitors from the 20th Century. All roads lead to Bethlehem as God fulfills a promise and a child is born in a stable beneath a shining star. The three Magi ride from distant lands to worship the new born king, as do the shepherds. King Herod sends Roman legionaries to find the child he fears.

Close Encounters with the Commandments (Emementary Grades 3-6)
Young Anthony "burns the midnight oil" trying to complete his homework on the Ten Commandments - but he just can't see how that "old list of rules" makes any sense to today's modern kids! Fortunately, something his mom says about "investigating the subject" strikes a chord with Anthony and when he drifts off to sleep, he suddenly finds himself the the parlor of the "world's greatest detective" -- Sherlock Holmes! As it happens, the original Holmes is out, but a younger, female version of Holmes (who just happens to be an angel) is in to guide Anthony on a thorough investigation of the Ten Commandments.

McGee & Me: 'Twas The Fight Before Christmas (Emementary Grades 4-6, JH)
It's Christmastime and Nicholas is doing everything he can to take part in Christmas activities; from playing a wise man in the school Christmas play to helping decorate the family tree, to finding the most excellent and perfect gift for his mom. Nicholas finds the real meaning of Christmas when, trying to befriend a troubled schoolmate, he is threatened by an older bully. Nicholas and his cartoon friend, McGee, learn about God's love for people who are hard to love and the importance of reaching out to others.

McGee & Me: The Blunder Years (Emementary Grades 4-6, JH)
Welcome to the world of Nicholas--a completely normal kid who finds himself in some not-so-normal situations with his outrageous cartoon creation, McGee. Nick is like every kid--stumbling through the Blunder Years making choices and hopefully discovering what's really important in the process.

McGee & Me: Beauty in the Least (Emementary Grades 4-6, JH)
A pint-sized pen pal travels six thousand miles, jumps two cultures, and turns Nick's world upside down. Throw in McGee's spy-tracking globule, a sister with the measles, fifty surprise dinner guests, and a Romanian cabbage casserole, and you've got the craziest mixed-up holiday ever! Nick goes ballistic when he has to give up fifty-yard-line seats at a pro football game to spend time with his unexpected visitor. It's a heart-changing experience for the whole Martin family as they discover the importance of caring for others and "loving your neighbor as yourself."

First Christmas (PK, Emementary Grades 4)
This colorful animated production is narrated by Christopher Plummer. It tells the traditional story of the birth of Jesus, beginning with Mary and Joseph's trip from Nazareth to Bethlehem. We witness their encounter with the innkeeper who "has no room for them," but provides shelter in a stable where Mary gives birth. We see the announcement to the shepherds and follow the Magi who trek across the desert guided by the mysterious star.

Gospel According To St. Bernard - Judge Not (Emementary Grades K-4)
How would you feel if everyone at school called you a DWEEB? Well, that's what everyone called the two new kids, and Daniel and Jennifer are convinced that everyone will call THEM dweebs too, when it's found out that their mother has arranged a get-together at the beach with them! What could be worse than spending a week-end with dweebs? Nothing! Except finding out that the two new kids are not what everyone thinks. Bernie helps Daniel and Jennifer learn that you can't judge other people, and he also has some good advice about drugs, too! MAIN BIBLE TRUTH: We should not judge other people. This is a live action adventure recommended for all grade school ages. Good for Vacation Bible School.

Gospel According To St. Bernard - The Golden Rule (Emementary Grades K-4)
Jennifer's slumber party becomes a "gossip party" when the girls' conversation turns from Julie's crush on Daniel to "creepy" Mr. Alvarez and his son, Jose, the new neighbors. But Bernie knows the truth about Mr. Alvarez. Even though he is busy trying to avoid getting a new flea collar, Bernie manages to get help for Mr. Alvarez and to teach Daniel and Jennifer the true meaning of the Golden Rule; that you should do unto others as you would also have them do unto you…and if everyone REALLY followed the Golden Rule, it would be the end of prejudice! MAIN BIBLE TRUTH: Do unto others as you would also have them do unto you. A live action adventure recommended for all grade school ages.

Gospel According To St. Bernard - Honesty Is The Best Policy (Emementary Grades K-4)
What if you could buy an expensive radio for nothing more than your lunch money? Would you buy it? Well, Daniel did, and he thought he had been given the "deal of a lifetime" until he found out he had traded his lunch for stolen merchandise! Jennifer was given a "bad deal" too when the principal gave her a note to take to her parents. She is convinced that the only way out of her trouble is to lie to her parents about the note. What's Bernie's response to all this? Very simply that "HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY". With Bernie in charge, Daniel and Jennifer help change the life of a thief and we all learn first hand the truth about honesty. Is honesty really the best policy? You bet it is! MAIN BIBLE TRUTH: lying lips are an abomination to the Lord; but they that deal truly are His delight. This is a live action adventure recommended for all grade school ages.

Gospel According To St. Bernard - In The Doghouse (Emementary Grades K-4)
Everyone knows to "mind your p's and q's", but Bernie says to "mind your r's". "R" for responsibility. Why? Because being responsible can keep you out of the doghouse! And guess who is in the doghouse? The entire Sullivan family, that's who! And where's Bernie? He's laying comfortably on the bed…minding his p's and q's, of course! MAIN BIBLE TRUTH: Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. A live action adventure recommended for all grade school ages.

Jesus: A Kingdom Without Frontiers: The Last Supper (EL, JH)
The teachings of Jesus - His passion, death and resurrection - all come to life in this dynamic animated video series. From the Annunciation of Jesus' birth to the adventures of the first Christians found in the Acts of the Apostles, these 26 engaging episodes provide a wealth of information and precise references to the original Gospel text, illustrated through a story-telling technique designed to arouse the curiosity of the viewer and to implant the truth of the Scriptures in a child's mind and heart. There are three segments: The Last Supper, Jesus Dies On The Cross, and Triumphant Entry Into Jerusalem. In this segment, The Last Supper, the Apostles enter Jerusalem to prepare for the Passover meal, while Judas arranges for the betrayal of Jesus. Jesus celebrates His Last Supper with the twelve.

Learning About Honesty (Emementary Grades K-2)
To help viewers develop an understanding of truth and honesty, this program presents age-appropriate situations, and then asks them to explore the issues involved and decide what is the right thing to do.

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