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Surviving Loneliness (ADULT)
The "Surviving…" series of eight videos provides a unique approach to emotional self-help. Each program features popular lecturer and author Clayton Barbeau doing what he considers his most rewarding work: individual counseling with you, the viewer, as the one seeking advice and affirmation. In this video, he examines loneliness as a part of everyone's life, especially in today's competitive society. Pointing out that loneliness often results from our looking to someone else to make us whole. Mr. Barbeau relates the stories of three different "lonely" people and the steps they took to help themselves. He offers many concrete strategies to counteract loneliness, and urges you to "Do all you can to be a whole person because intimacy is possible only between whole persons."

Coping With Clayton Barbeau: Coping With Self (ADULT)
This is the first of a series of four videos. Beginning with stresses surrounding birth, therapist Clayton Barbeau humorously describes how coping with ourselves depends on our abilities to creatively react to stress.

Coping With Clayton Barbeau: Coping With Others (ADULT)
This is the second in a series of four videos. Therapist Clayton Barbeau, uses a variety of anecdotes from his family experiences and the lives of his counseling clients as he shares his insights about coping with others. Successful coping in a relationship results when each person decides to take responsibility for making the relationship work. Barbeau insists that boundaries are necessary for healthy coping in relationships.

Coping With Clayton Barbeau: Coping With Loss (ADULT)
This is the third of a series of four videos. No human being escapes coping with loss in life. According to therapist, Clayton Barbeau, failing to cope with loss, both great and small, is to wound ourselves. Using humorous and dramatic stories from real life situations, Barbeau leads his audience to examine healthy coping from death of a loved one to simple losses in daily living. He insists that we must be patient with ourselves when faced with serious loss. He shares the wisdom he gained watching himself cope with the unexpected death of his wife of 26 years. The successful life, he says, is a constant process of both loss and gain.

Coping With Clayton Barbeau: Coping With Feelings (ADULT)
This is the fourth of a series of four videos. Therapist Clayton Barbeau offers a lively and insightful presentation on just how to cope creatively with personal feelings like anger, fear, disappointment, and depression. He notes that each of us has a dominant feeling that influences our world view. We can better cope with our feelings if we are careful to discern their origins. Healthy coping with feelings gives us a sense of personal freedom and power which leads to joy.

More Teen Scenes (JH, HS)
This video features four real-life dramatic vignettes in which typical teens find themselves in moral dilemmas which call for a serious decision and, just as the decision is about to be made, the vignette ends leaving the decision (and the ending) up to your audience! The talented young actors find themselves in serious situations faced by every modern teenager sooner or later. The topics of the vignettes are: chastity, bullies, alcohol, and racism. The real-life situations in which decisions must be made amidst peer pressure allow teen audiences to identify with the characters leading to honest, meaningful discussions. A study guide helps lead the discussions. See also "Teen Scenes".

Teen Scenes (JH, HS)
This video features four real-life dramatic vignettes in which typical teens find themselves in moral dilemmas which call for a serious decision and, just as the decision is about to be made, the vignette ends leaving the decision (and the ending) up to your audience! Topics include plagiarism, shoplifting, peer pressure, and gossip/cliques. Comes with study guide to facilitate discussion. Each scene is 4-7 minutes in length and invites teens to reflect on situations that call for ethical decision-making. See also "More Teen Scenes".

Questions Of The Soul: What Can Suffering Teach Us? (HS, ADULT)
The question of the soul addressed in this video is as old as Job. Suffering is a part of life, but Christianity does not have an answer for it. Christianity does show us how to take invaluable life lessons from suffering. Suffering teaches us much about humanity, about God and about why "our hearts are restless until we rest in God." Father Himes will show that all too often we take refuge in Jesus as the 'divine therapist' who takes away all our pain. And then we become frustrated when we never seem to abide in a state of complete happiness and contentment. In the video you will NOT find an answer to the question "Why do we suffer?" You will not find a way to avoid suffering, but you will be brought deeper into the God/human relationship and you will find yourself reflecting courageously on the God whom we all seek.

Fast Forward Series - Persuasive Power (HS)
This video helps teens realize that they are going through some of the most challenging years of their life. Discusses how they are making choices about who they are, what they believe, and what they'll do with their life! Shows how teens are under a lot of pressure: peer pressure, parent pressure, sexual pressure, media pressure, and even self-inflicted pressure. "Expert" Bill Meyers helps teens realize they can't always avoid the pressure, but they can learn how to handle it...and how to protect their future by making the right choices now.

Fast Forward Series - The Independence Thing (HS)
On this episode of Fast Forward, teens will discover how to deal with their parents and how to survive the battle for independence. "Expert" Bill Meyers along with lively teen hosts help explore what it feels like to teens when parents seem too controlling or when they don't understand what teens are going through. Gives a well-balanced, humorous, realistic view from both the parents' and the teens' point of view.

McGee & Me: The Blunder Years (Emementary Grades 4-6, JH)
Welcome to the world of Nicholas--a completely normal kid who finds himself in some not-so-normal situations with his outrageous cartoon creation, McGee. Nick is like every kid--stumbling through the Blunder Years making choices and hopefully discovering what's really important in the process.

Psalm 23 (All)
A gift of love to the children of NYC and all of America from the American Bible Society, Billy Gilman, Rebecca St. James, John Elefante, and David Pack.

On The Air: Life Isn't Fair! (HS)
That's right…life isn't fair! Sometimes it's just the little things that go wrong that can overwhelm a teen! In this episode of "On The Air," teenagers will discover that they are in control of their reactions to a world that isn't fair. They will learn how a change of attitude and perspective can improve their outlook on a world that is guaranteed to be unfair.

On The Air: Stupid Parent Tricks (HS)
From their very own parents, teens can pick up negative messages like "You don't try hard enough," "You're a slob" or even "You're worthless." These "stupid parent tricks" are devastating to young people. Teenagers may then retaliate with their own stunts by being spiteful, sarcastic, or even running away. This atmosphere of criticism versus rebellion creates very unhealthy family relationships. This episode of "On The Air" will show teens how they can take positive steps to build better relationships with their parents…even in tough situations.

Peaceful Journeys: Part 3 - Caring (HS, ADULT)
This is the third in a series of three videos with Robert Wicks, Professor and Chairperson of Graduate Programs in Pastoral Counseling at Loyola College in Maryland. Discussion questions include: "Listening is healing." When did someone listen to you and the result was healing? When did you do that for someone else? What did you think of the "fugitive" story? Did the ending surprise you? How does it impact the way we read the Bible? Dr. Wicks quotes several people in this video, Nelson Mandela and Elie Wiesel among them. Which quote means the most to you? In the story of the little girl, she helps another to cry. Has another ever helped you to cry? Can tears be healing? Caring often means staying with another in pain. Talk about a time when this was difficult for you. Dr. Wicks speaks of the "circle of grace". When have you ever experienced the circle of grace? When have you felt out of that circle? Describe "healthy" caring and contrast it to "unhealthy" caring.

American Family: A Challenged Tradition - Depression (ADULT)
This is a three-part video on depression. PART ONE is an overview of what is depression? How does depression differ from the everyday blues? What is its affect on brain chemistry? It also includes statistics on the number of people depressed, a list of very capable people who have suffered depression, and a discussion on the complexity of depression. PART TWO is about the impact of depression on the family. It discusses disturbing behaviors caused by depression and what you can do about them. PART THREE discusses recovery. It includes a bibliography, a list of health information organizations and support groups, and a list of leading psychiatric hospitals.

Carved From the Heart: A Portrait of Grief, Healing & Community (HS, ADULT)
One man loses his son to a cocaine overdose. Grieving, Stan Marsden, a Tsimshian wood carver decides to create a totem pole and invites the town of Craig, Alaska to help. The project grows; it brings people of diverse ages and backgrounds together, acknowledges common problems of drug abuse and violence and promotes healing within the community. This video generates questions about death and dying, family violence, suicide, substance abuse, parenting, the impact of the Vietnam War on veterans and their families and how a community can support its members.

American Family: A Challenged Tradition - Rebuilding After Divorce (ADULT)
This program offers practical ideas for understanding the grief process, the losses, the myths about divorce and how to rebuild oneself and one's family so life can move forward. Change and loss go hand in hand. Anger, fear and the unknown can haunt one in this difficult journey. What is going to happen without this marriage? How can I go on? Who will be there for me? What about my children? This program offers hope and understanding by providing insights that will help one not just GO through a divorce but GROW through the divorce. Hosted by Mike Collins, with Anthony L. Berardi, Ph.D., psychologist; Mary C. Roemer, M.A., CAC, therapist; Barbara Seldin, Ph.D., psychologist.

Struggling With Stress (HS, ADULT)
This program takes the teen's point of view to realistically depict the moods, attitudes, pressures, and decision-making dilemmas that confront today's adolescents. It uses a documentary format to follow a group of ethnically and socio-economically diverse teenagers through their normal everyday lives and exposes the challenges they face in managing stress. By watching how other real young people cope with the stresses in their world, your students will understand more about how to apply such coping techniques to their own daily lives. The video and Teacher's Resource Book review various strategies to combat stress.

Family Dynamics: Our Family Roots: Why We Are Who We Are (ADULT)
Understanding our family roots liberates us. We become better equipped to celebrate our uniqueness and to unburden our mind and heart of unhealthy belief systems and negative patterns of behavior. This program offers concrete tips for uncovering our family roots, processing this insight, and consequently broadening our choices.

Whatever It Takes: The "She Said Yes" Video Tribute (HS, ADULT)
A tribute to Cassie Bernall, a student at Columbine High School who was killed during the shooting there. Her friends and parents relive the Littleton tragedy and describe how the massacre and its aftermath strengthened their faith and gave their lives new meaning.

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