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Small Christian Communities, A Vision Of Hope (ADULT)
This video will assist parishes in becoming familiar with and implementing the pastoral direction of Small Christian Communities (SCCs). It presents the vision of SCCs and their value for parish life. It outlines three types of SCC: seasonal, ministerial, and "ideal". It reviews the development, purpose and responsibilities of a core community as well as the role of the leadership. It discusses how SCCs impact evangelization, RCIA, and family life, and offers practical suggestions for implementation. The objectives of this video are to share the vision of small Christian communities and to provide all that is necessary for their formation. It was prepared specifically for use with the books: Small Christian Communities and Resources for Small Christian Communities. Presenters include: Father Thomas A. Kleissler, Margo LeBert, and Mary McGuinness.

On the Air: Can I Be a Christian Without Being Weird (HS)
Sometimes it is good to be different. Christian behavior will be different from that of "the crowd," but not obnoxious. This video stresses Gospel values which are counter-cultural: love for enemies, for example. There is little emphasis on the Church, but a lot of emphasis on how to live in the world and relate to peers. It mentions Scripture throughout.

On the Air: Passport to the World: Nicaragua (HS)
"On the Air" is on the road again. There are two segments: Nicaragua and Michigan. The T.V. crew tags along with a youth group as they work together to build a church in Nicaragua. Then, they go back to Michigan as the teens help the "next generation" in their own neighborhood.

We Are All God's Priestly People: A Catholic Vision of 21st Cent. (28 min.) (ADULT)
In this video, Bishop Howard J. Hubbard shares his vision that by virtue of Baptism we are all called to be co-creators with God, advancing the Kingdom in our day. Every person's contribution is vitally needed so that together in a rich diversity, we can build up the Christian Community. There is a shorter version of this video (14 min.) that does not have the concluding interviews with national and diocesan commentators.

From The Ends Of The Earth (ADULT)
This video has two parts: the call to mission and living the mission. "It is not enough to discover Christ--we must bring Christ to others…" - Pope John Paul II. This video invites us to become increasingly aware of our Baptismal call to continue the mission of Jesus. We are also challenged to a deeper understanding of Eucharist as the model for living mission, of being "bread for others." Each part includes: one two-hour session, step-by-step instruction for the leader, video format activity/worksheet, prayer resources, and background information.

Global Solidarity: A Framework for Parishes (ADULT)
Helping believers connect the Gospel to the world in which we live is one of the greatest challenges parishes face. As our world grows increasingly interdependent, the suffering of our sisters and brothers in other lands touches us more immediately and deeply. As members of a universal Church, Catholics are uniquely called to respond. The United States Bishops' statement, "Called to Global Solidarity: International Challenges for United States Parishes", offers support for United States parishes to act on the Gospel mandate to care for all of God's people, wherever they live. The Bishops recognize the challenges facing parishes trying to find effective ways to act on this message. They suggest that global solidarity can be woven into what parishes are already doing--into prayer, preaching, education, service, and action.

More Things Are Wrought By Prayer: 50 Years Of Family Theater (HS, ADULT)
Patrick Peyton, CSC, believed that the family that prays together stays together. He carried this simple truth to millions worldwide as a Catholic priest of the Congregation of Holy Cross. Beginning in Albany, New York, Father Peyton used the medium of his day--radio. He created a simple 15-minute program on a local station and from it, urged families to prayer and togetherness.

Mystery Of Faith: An Introduction To Catholicism - Salvation (ADULT)
This is part of the ten-video series which introduces viewers to the "depth dimension" of many of the key Catholic insights. In this video, Father Michael Himes renews the meaning of this traditional term and shows why social justice is essential to our salvation.

Open Wide The Doors To Christ: A Personal Reflection On Jubilee Year 2000 (HS, ADULT)
This video, designed as a tool for parish and personal reflection, presents one way of preparing for the new millenium--by reaching out in our community to those who are poor and homeless and need our assistance. It is in reaching out to others that we build a community of Christ and live the Gospel message.

Open Wide The Doors: How To Prepare For Jubilee 2000 (ADULT)
This is your video resource to start preparing for the celebration of Jubilee Year 2000 in your parish, in your family and in your own personal spiritual life. It is meant as a way to inspire you and others that there are concrete practical suggestions to make the period of time leading to this momentous year as fulfilling and meaningful as possible.

Alpha Course: A Practical Introduction to the Christian Faith--VIDEO 1 (ADULT)
This is the first in a series of five videos. Alpha is an evangelization program that was developed in London as a basic introduction to the Christian faith for non-church goers, inactive Christians, new Christians, and faithful parishioners. It is a clear and non-threatening way to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people from all walks of life. This video discusses: 1. Christianity: Boring, Untrue, and Irrelevant? 2. Who Is Jesus? 3. Why Did Jesus Die?

We Are All The Body Of Christ: Organizing A Lay Ministry Program (ADULT)
This video is about how one parish, St. Mary's Church, Crescent, NY, conceived, developed and organized a lay ministry program. Several important topics include: what is a lay ministry program; the reason for a ministry program; the relationships among the pastor and parish council; a step-by-step approach to establishing a lay ministry program in your parish; why a single year's commitment is so important; how to keep the momentum going year after year; how to deal with success; the significant relationship between a lay ministry program and the weekly collection; and many more. This video is helpful to parishes hoping to get more parishioners involved in serving their parish and their parish community. Presenters are Rev. John Fitzpatrick, Pastor of St. Mary's; Harold Hatfield, former parish council president at St. Mary's; and James E. O'Brien, a parishioner at St. Mary's. The video was filmed at Sacred Heart School in Troy, NY. There is a presentation followed by a 10-minute question/answer session.

Catholic Update Video: What Makes Us Catholic?..Catholic Identity (HS, ADULT)
This video will help RCIA candidates and others interested in deepening their faith to explore the unique "Catholic" approach to Christianity. The story segment introduces the topic of Catholic identity in the real-life story of one of America's few Catholic radio stations. The staff of WMIH in Cleveland, Ohio, attempts to program for Catholics throughout each broadcast day, working elements of our Catholic identity into the programs. The witness segment introduces viewers to a woman who was raised Catholic and left the Church for a time. She explains what led her back to the faith of her birth--a moving testimony of how the unique "Catholic" approach to God continues to draw us home. The teaching segment focuses on Jesus as the sacrament, the visible sign of an invisible God, to help explain the Church's "sacramental" world view and why it has seven sacraments, celebrates Mary and the saints, and is structured with a hierarchy and teaching authority. The music video reflection is "Without Seeing You" by David Haas. The song stresses our faith in the God we cannot see, who is visible to us in Jesus Christ, and the music is enhanced by familiar Catholic imagery.

On The Air: Extreme Faith (HS)
Extreme! That's what it's all about…putting yourself on the line to do something incredible. Is is possible to be an extreme Christian? Just ask two high school buddies who have been changing the course of history on the remote plains of Tanzania, East Africa. This episode of "On The Air" will show ordinary young people accomplishing great things for God in extraordinary circumstances.

PIME Is People Serving God's People All Over The World (HS, ADULT)
PIME missionaries are an expression of the missionary nature of the Church and a family of apostles committed to the ongoing discovery, witness and proclamation of the Kingdom of God through evangelization, particularly of non-Christians in other parts of the world.

Heart, A Compass, A Cross: Answering the Call of Jesus Christ (ADULT)
Pope John Paul II has said often: "Open wide your heart to Jesus Christ." If something is missing in your life…if there is an emptiness you cannot explain…know that only Jesus Christ can fill the void. Think about finding Him in the Catholic Church, the Church Jesus Himself founded 2000 years ago. Open your heart…listen for His call…and go to Him. However far away you may feel, you are never too distant from the God who made you. The call is there…inside you. The way is there…in Christ's Church and in His cross, which shine like beacons of hope into the emptiness and confusion of this upside-down age. The time to return to the Father's house…now more than ever…is today.

Evangelism Training Conference--Video 1 (ADULT)
This is the first in a series of four videos. It was taped on April 19, 1997. Topics include: The Evangelization Process, Befriending, Faith Development, and Faith Stories.

Disciples Together In Faith (Bishop Hubbard) (HS, ADULT)
Bishop Hubbard's Lent 2000 TV retreat will serve to stimulate personal reflection, family discussion, and parish and school dialogue; all leading to a deeper, richer, and fuller relationship with Jesus and with each other.

RCIA: The Journey Through Easter (ADULT)
Personal stories provide the basis for this informative introduction to the RCIA. Catechumens with a variety of backgrounds tell how they first came to participate in the Rite and the feeling, events, and faith experiences during their journeys. Balanced with Scripture readings from the Easter Vigil and information on each of the four stages, this video provides an excellent overview for anyone involved or interested in the RCIA.

Total Parish Ministry--Video 2 (ADULT)
This is the second in a series of eight videos. This "Hands-On Workshop" series responds to the changes that are sweeping the Church and society today. Father Bausch demonstrates how to transform "cultural and ecclesial changes' into positive community and faith building actions. This video is entitled "The Evolution of Parish Renewal".

Total Parish Ministry--Video 3 (ADULT)
This is the third in a series of eight videos. This "Hands-On Workshop" series responds to the changes that are sweeping the Church and society today. Father Bausch demonstrates how to transform "cultural and ecclesial changes" into positive community and faith building actions. This video is entitled "Profile of a Functioning Parish".

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