Catholic Faith Formation and Education

Forgiving the Unforgivable (ADULT)
Here are three case studies from the DVD "The Big Question", that explore how forgiveness can take place even in the most unthinkable circumstances. Includes the Amish community tragedy, a psychologist who researched forgiveness for 20 years and then whose mother is senselessly murdered, and how the followers of MLK can maintain a peaceful approach to carry on the vision for racial equality. Includes 20-minute program "The Five Steps to Forgiveness" and a 3-lesson PDF guide for group discussion.

Catholics Come Home (Audience not specified)
Catholics Come Home is an organization dedicated to bringing lapsed Catholics back to the Church. They have produced television commercials to encourage evangelization and renewal. This DVD contains sample commercials, the history of the organization, and an episode of EWTN's Journey Home, which featured the Catholics Come Home founder.

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Audience Codes: PK = Preschool, EL = Elementary, JH = Junior High, HS = HighSchool, Adult

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