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This Is The Night: A Parish Welcomes New Catholics (HS, ADULT)
The vision of Christian Initiation comes alive in Pasadena, Texas, as St. Pius V Parish welcomes catechumens and candidates. The elect are baptized by immersion and oil is poured generously over their heads and rubbed into their faces. Most moving is the sight of the loving, active community praying at Sunday Eucharist, praying over the catechumens in the scrutiny, surrounding the baptismal pool on Vigil night, embracing the neophytes, and then coming forward themselves to touch the flowing water after renewing their own baptismal vows. Equally powerful are the testimonies of the catechumens, candidates, elect, neophytes, sponsors, and parishioners testifying to their longing for baptism, to what it was like to go down into the water, to feel the oil, to pray over the elect, to come to Eucharist for the first time.

Your Baby's Baptism (HS, ADULT)
This insightful video for parents and godparents contains highlights from the Rite of Baptism for infants, and personal reflections from the parents and the priest. Viewers will find this video educational and spiritually helpful. It introduces the symbols of Baptism, gives an overview of the theology of the sacrament and discusses the roles parents and community play in the life of the child. It helps parents understand the importance of Baptism in their own lives and the life of their baby. It helps parents and godparents understand the different stages and symbols of the Rite of Baptism and helps them understand their role in the spiritual upbringing of the child. It addresses the most commonly asked questions concerning Baptism.

Catechumenate: What Are The Challenges Parishes Face? (ADULT)
Father Richard Fragomeni opens up the RCIA as a total parish ministry that welcomes and nurtures new members of the Church. RCIA calls the entire parish to rediscover the ministry of hospitality, faithfulness to the cross, and service to the world. The full pastoral challenge of the RCIA goes far beyond initiating new members into the Church by challenging all believers - the entire parish - to find new ways to be Church, to understand the sacraments, to celebrate liturgy, and to serve the world. Father Fragomeni helps viewers to meet these challenges through spiritual renewal that comes from surrendering self to God, understanding ministry as being gifted in the Spirit, grasping the depth of sin and the gift of grace, creating a lifelong catechetical process for the entire parish.

Christian Initiation: A Call To Conversion (ADULT)
In this video, Father Richard Fragomeni explains the dynamics of change and conversion. Life is about change. How do we know which changes bring true life? The life task of every Christian is to get to know Jesus better, the standard by which all change is measured. Father Fragomeni applies the dynamics of change and conversion both to catechumens and to all believers on the journey of faith. Being alive in Christ comes from a conversion of heart, mind, morality, outlook and relationships.

Faith: The Search For God--Video 1 (ADULT)
This is the first in a series of two videos. John Powell, SJ, discusses ways to grow closer to God through Scripture, listening, being open, and learning to love. Father Powell insists that God is not too hard to believe, but instead, is almost too good to believe. This upbeat program offers a beautiful approach to a living, personal faith, and is excellent for use with Small Faith Sharing Groups. This first video contains three segments: Faith: The God Connection; Faith: A Comfort and Challenge; and Faith: God's Gift.

InnerAction: Gospel Attitudes: Pursuing Happiness (ADULT)
This is the first in a series of six videos. Each person participating in this series will need to have a personal copy of InnerActor Magazine and each facilitator will need a copy of the Handbook for reference and guidance. This series is designed to help today's Christian adult focus on the Gospels and explore life issues with the insight of faith. It is a dynamic group process that challenges adults to respond from a renewed spiritual center to the critical issues of today. Authored by Richard Groves, who developed the DeSales Program, InnerAction includes video presentations, personal reflection, faith sharing, and journaling. This series is designed to span the generations of parishioners who are seeking guidance from the Church on the concerns of modern life in the light of Gospel values. SESSION 1 helps participants get acquainted and gives an overview of the six sessions highlighting featured presenters and dramas. Gospel focus is the Beatitudes.

Catholic Update Video: On Fire With Faith - Forming Adult Disciples (ADULT)
Inspired by "Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us", this video stimulates enthusiasm and commitment to adult faith formation. The story segment (11 minutes) is a contemporary drama based on Luke's account of the disciples on the road to Emmaus. In the witness segment (5 minutes), adult Catholics share five approaches to adult faith formation: liturgy, family- or home-centered activities, small groups, large groups and individual activities. In the teaching segment (7 minutes), Dr. Matthew J. Hayes, a pioneer in adult faith formation, talks about the importance of nurturing adult faith and the pivotal role of the parish in this effort. The program concludes with a music segment (5 minutes) that retells the Emmaus story and highlights the characteristics - living, explicit and fruitful - of mature adult faith and discipleship (5 minutes).

Leading Faith Sharing Groups (ADULT)
Father Joseph Lynch, SM, has worked with small groups in parish settings for ten years helping people to acquire the practical skills necessary to lead a small faith sharing group. Enacted vignettes illustrate four major areas of small group leadership: Stages of Group Growth, Use of Provocative Open-Ended Questions, Handling Ordinary Disagreement and Conflict Among Members, and Dealing with Difficult Group Members.

Stories of Faith (ADULT)
Powerful faith stories are one of the strengths of our Judeo-Christian tradition. Believing that God acts through our lives when such stories are shared, Kathleen Chesto inspires others to search for God in their lives. This video invites viewers to begin recognizing and sharing their faith stories. It can be used for catechist meetings, for parent sacrament meetings, during retreats, or with discussion and study groups.

What is Faith? (ADULT)
This video is an exploration of the questions "Where does faith come from?" or "How do we become people of faith?". Faith is a gift, but it is a gift that must be experienced and claimed. This video examines the importance of naming and claiming our own story. It is a great video for catechist and for RCIA teams.

Faithful Revolution: Video 2 - Inspired Awakening (ADULT)
This series gives us a better understanding of Vatican II. This video discusses the role of women in the Church, ecumenism, the Lefebvre Movement, religious vocations, and Pope Paul VI. What is the role of women in today's Church? What, if any, is the future of religious vocations? How do you feel toward non-Catholics? …toward non-Christians? What are the bottom-line beliefs which unite Catholics?

Faithful Revolution: Video 3 - Human Dignity (ADULT)
This series gives us a better understanding of Vatican II. This video looks at: social justice, the poor, and Latin America; religious liberty, the Church in Poland, and fall of Communism; the Church in Africa, enculturation, and lively liturgy; and inter-religious dialogue, Jewish/Christian relations, and the Holocaust. It can be the basis for very good discussions.

Faithful Revolution: Video 4 - A World Transformed (ADULT)
This series gives us a better understanding of Vatican II. This video looks at: the laity, marriage, birth control, and polarization in the Church; and the 60s, nuclear weapons, war, civil disobedience, Vietnam, and the Civil Rights Movement. It highlights controversial issues.

Faithful Revolution: Video 5 - Dynamics of Hope (ADULT)
This series gives us a better understanding of Vatican II. This video looks at: implementation of Vatican II, tension within the Church, Pope John Paul II, and liberation theology.

Journey To Easter: A Lenten Program For The Whole Family (EL, JH, HS, ADULT)
Easter, the feast of the Resurrection, is a celebration of eternal life and of our faith in the promises of Jesus. It is a time to rejoice in the newness in our hearts and in the earth. This new life was bought for us at great cost - the suffering and death of Jesus. As Catholics, we commemorate this mystery during the 40 days of Lent preceding Easter. Hosted by Father Anthony Scannell, OFM Cap., this 7-part program presents one segment for each week of Lent. Viewers are guided on their journey toward Easter with greater insight and participation through the use of scripture, drama, and stories that deal with the concerns of life and the joys of reunion with Christ. The seven segments are: A Journey Apart (pardon and peace story), A Change of Heart (service theme and Mother Teresa), Who Are You? (theme of "seeing"), Lost and Found (the stray story), The Servant Comes (Eucharist themes), Way of the Cross (Shroud of Turin, and life of Father Maximillian Kolbe, martyr), and Light of the World (Easter themes).

DeSales: Writings of St. Paul--Video 1 (ADULT)
This is the first in a series of four videos. An inspirational and thought-provoking tour of St. Paul's life and teaching is featured in these engaging sessions. The most significant issues and problems of the early New Testament Church are related to modern Christian life. Participants will develop a more personal insight and appreciation for the tremendous contributions of "the apostle" to our scripture and faith traditions. This video consists of two sessions: 1. Paul: The Paradox of Being a Jew to the Gentiles. (The life and background of the apostle and his teachings) and 2. A Look at the Church Only Twenty Years After the Resurrection. (I and II Thessalonians and the Letter to the Philippians).

Christodrama: An Instrument For Conversion (HS, ADULT)
Familiar Bible stories will come alive and take on new meaning when people use the Christodrama process to experience the Bible with their mind, body, emotions, and spirit in a way that impacts both their knowledge of the Scriptures and their desire to live the faith more fully. The videos and Leader's Manual explain how this process of prayer, reflection, action, and discussion can create a deeper, fuller experience of the Scriptures. These teaching tools explain the Christodrama process and suggest ways to use it in a wide range of settings. Besides giving step-by-step instructions and demonstrations, the videos present testimonies of people who have used the process with amazing results. The Leader's Manual contains additional information and the scripts for more than 20 Christodramas. Adults, teens, RCIA and Bible study groups, parish staff members, and small faith communities can all enrich their appreciation of the living Word of God through this process. TAPE ONE: The Uses of Christodrama (11 min.) suggests practical ways to adapt program to different settings and provides testimonies from a variety of users. TAPE TWO: How to do Christodrama (48 min.) is an overview which explains each step in the Christodrama procedure.

Everyday Creativity (HS, ADULT)

Making Sense of Christian Morality: Christian Moral Living (ADULT)
Paulist priest and moral theologian Richard Sparks provides insights into living Christian values. He shows how Christian morality "makes sense" in a time when we all have complex and challenging decisions to make. Here is the best of Christian moral theology expressed in a realistic and pastoral way. Portrayals of contemporary life and enacted scenes make these insights come to life. This video explores the possibility of objective truth and the role of conscience. It also explores definitions of morality, why "morality makes sense", the characteristics of a virtuous person, how circumstances and intention influence the morality of an act, and how to make a prudent decision.

Stewardship: A 3-D Way of Life: Not for Adults Only (HS, ADULT)
Stewardship is not a matter of giving a little more; rather, it is a way of life. Youth are called to be formed in this spirit from an early age.

Stewardship: A 3-D Way of Life: The Money-Back Guarantee (HS, ADULT)
This program presents stewardship as an ongoing process of a pilgrim people on their journey to God. Pastors and members of parishes in Wichita and Dallas discuss the sharing of time, talents, treasures, and stewardship strategies used in their churches such as "ministry marts" and "manual of needs."

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