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Meaningful Conversations about Prayer: Praying with Our Own Words (ADULT)
One of a 4-dvd set designed to facilitate reflection and discussion about prayer. Contains 5 segments: "The heart of prayer is learning to be present", "We really only pray when we get down to our hearts", "People come to pray intuitively", "We seek the presence of other people who are also searching", and "Looking at where God is working in your day".

Questions Of The Soul: What Is Prayer? (HS, ADULT)
Here are just a few of the questions about prayer which will be answered in this warm, engaging, sometimes humorous, and always thought-provoking video: If God knows everything, why pray? If God is beyond all, how dare mere creatures speak to God? If someone says "pray for me," does it make any difference if we do or not? If we pray for physical healing, and it happens, who did it: God or the doctor? What is the "best way" to pray? Is it ever all right not to praise God in prayer? What does it mean to say "prayer is the moment we shift our line of vision?" If you don't pray, watch this video if you want inspiration to start or to start again. If you already pray, watch this video and gain new insights.

Where Dreams Begin: Evening Sky (adolescent, adult)
Where Dreams Begin combines gorgeous nature video with the inspirational music of Tim Janis in a stirring combination of song and imagery. Each scene is carefully choreographed to the score, creating a peaceful flow of nature and music. Evening Sky features breathtaking sunsets from around North America and lush orchestral melodies featuring pennywhistle and cello. Sit back, relax, and let the beauty of nature wash over you! Perfect for meditative prayer.

Little Rock Scripture Study: Overview of the New Testament (ADULT)
Eight lessons on the New Testament on 2 DVDs with Leader's Guide and sample Participants' book.

Little Rock Scripture Study: Introduction to the Bible (ADULT)
Six lessons on a 2-DVD set, intended for use with participant book. Comes with sample leader's guide, answer key, and participants book.

Echoes of Faith Plus: Theology: The Scriptures (Adult)
Includes 4 segments and 2 interviews: 1. What is the Bible? 2. Why is the Bible holy? 3. What's in the Bible? 4. Jesus: The Alpha and the Omega

Echoes of Faith Plus: Theology: Prayer & Spirituality (Adult)
Contains 4 segments and 2 interviews: 1. What is prayer? 2. How do we pray? 3. The prayerful life 4. The Our Father

Echoes of Faith Plus: Theology: Catholic Morality (Adult)
Contains 4 segments and 2 interviews: 1. Foundations of the moral life 2. Objective and subjective morality 3. The morality of human actions 4. Conscience and God's Law

Echoes of Faith Plus: Theology: Liturgy and Sacraments (Adult)
Contains 4 segments and 2 interviews: 1. What is liturgy? 2. Liturgy & Christian identity 3. Sacraments of initiation 4. Sacraments of healing and service

Echoes of Faith Plus: Theology: I Believe/We Believe (Adult)
Contains 4 segments and 2 interviews: 1. God the Father 2. God the Son 3. God the Holy Spirit 4. The Christian Creed

Scripture from Scratch II: The World of the Bible (ADULT)
A bible study program created by Virginia Smith and Elizabeth McNamer, presents contemporary Catholic biblical scholarship in a clear, easy-to-follow manner. Each topic is treated in two 25-minute sessions. 1.. On the Road Again: Geography in the Hebrew Scriptures 2. The Vocabulary of Faith: Concepts in the Hebrew Scriptures 3. Tracing Our Family Tree: The History of the Hebrew People 4. Piecing It All Together: What Archaeology Can Tell Us About Biblical Times 5. Diverse Expressions of a Common Faith: Religious Life in Jesus' Day 6. Under the Roman Boot: The People and Politics of Jesus' Time 7. Bed, Breakfast, and Business: Daily Life in First-Century Judea 8. Carpenter, Rabbi, Messiah: Jesus in His Own Times

Sisters: A Mile in Her Shoes: Lessons from the Lives of Old Testament Women (ADULT)
Sheron Patterson examines the lives of Old Testament women such as Deborah, Abigail, Hannah, Rahab, Hagar, and the unnamed widow with the oil in Second Kings. Includes VHS, DVD, Leader's Guide and one Participant Workbook. Segment 1: Deborah--Lessons on Leadership; Segment 2: Rahab--Moving from the Gutter to Glory; Segment 3: Hagar--Moving From Tears to Triumph; Segment 4: Abigail--Living for God in Spite of the Negative; Segment 5: Hannah--Loving God Despite the Pain; Segment 6: The Widow With the Oil--Hanging On Until Your Miracle Comes.

Little Rock Scripture Study: Women in the Old Testament (ADULT)
These women have rich stories that are vital to God's relationship with the covenant people. This study introduces readers to women whose stories offer courage and insight. 10 segments. Lesson 1: Women of Israel's Beginnings--Sarah Lesson 2: More Women of Isael's Beginnings--Rebekah, Leah, Rachel, The Maids, Dinah and Tamar Lesson 3: Women of Israel's Passover--The Midwives: Shiprah and Puah; Moses' Mother and Pharaoh's Daughter, Miriam, Ziporrah Lesson 4: Women of Israel's Early Tribes--Rehab; Deborah and Jael; Jephthah's Daughter; The Women around Samson Lesson 5: Three Widows: Orpah, Naomi, and Ruth; Hannah and Peninnah Lesson 6: Women of Israel's Monarch--Michal, Bathsheba, Tamar, Queen of Sheba, Jezebel Lesson 7: Woman, Image of God--Eve, Wisdom (Sophia) Lesson 8: Women of Courage and Strength--Judith, Susanna Lesson 9: Queen Esther

The Passion of Christ (ADULT)
Ron Rolheiser/Through Scripture and examples from life, Fr. Rolheiser gives new understanding and encouragement in how we can give our lives to the world and to also give our death to the world. When we think of passion we think of Christ's physical suffering and death but in the Agony of the Garden, the Gospels do not emphasize Jesus' physical sufferings. The Gospel writers want us to understand Jesus the lover, who undergoes moral and emotional sufferings without resentment or bitterness. Fr. Rolheiser explains that God's strength comes when we are exhausted and open to being transformed. A profound and moving reflection in 2 parts with a live audience.

Women and the Shaping of Catholicism (ADULT)
Lecture series on audio CD. Includes Women of the New Testament, Women of the Early Church, Women of the Middle Ages, Women of the Catholic Reformation and Early Modern Period, Women of the 19th and 20th Centuries, Mary, and a panel discussion. 8 CDs

Eucharist: It's All About Christ (ADULT)
Dan Connors presents three aspects of Eucharist in a parish: This Sacred Place, This Sacred Meal, and This Sacred People. An excellent resource for parish leaders and ministers, especially RCIA teams, candidates, and catechumens, these presentations invite parishioners to think deeply about all aspects of the sacred mysteries of our faith, with particular focus on the Eucharist.

Jesus, the Way: The Path of Christian Discipleship (ADULT)
Tom Zanzig. Rich and engaging content in a style that appeals to adults interested in growing as Christians. This program includes: DVD (96 minutes*) with three 30-minute presentations; Leader's Guide; CD music for prayer services; and a participant's notebook. NOTE: Reproduction of any portion of the Participant's Notebook requires written permission from the publisher. *Understanding Jesus: Two Perspectives (39 min)-- offers a balanced view of Jesus Following Jesus: Christian Spirituality (23 min)-- how Christology influences personal spirituality Identifying with Jesus: No Longer I Who Live (34 min)--the lifelong process of spiritual transformation

Discovering Everyday Sprituality with Thomas Moore - DVD (ADULT)
2-disc dvd set Disc One: Part 1--Story, Part 2--Story Disc One: Part 3--Place, Part 4--Place Disc Two: Part 5--Activity, Part 6--Activity Disc Two: Part 7--Ritual, Part 8--Ritual This 8-part series profiles a variety of people who have been inspired to reclaim and nuture the sacredness of everyday life. By following their example, we can all gain greater satisfaction in our lives and come to deeper knowledge of what it means to be human. Robert Fulghum, Jeff Smith, Kathleen Norris, Dan Wakefield are among the persons from all walks of life who are profiled.

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