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Jesus Promises (Life of Jesus set) (K-3)
(Holy Week, Easter, and Pentecost) The memory of Jesus' suffering, death, resurrection, and the promise of the Holy Spirit coming as gift to all is the heart of our faith as Christians. This video gently invites children into these profound mysteries. Using scriptural stories of these events, they promise children that Jesus will always be with us.

Conversion: Following the Call of Christ (ADULT)
Rev. Robert Barron, STD presents six stories of true conversion, all contained in this "Retreat-on-Disc": Blind Bartimaeus, The Rich Young Man, The Calling of Matthew, Jonah, The Woman at the Well, and the Journey of the Magi. An excellent resource for your parish for Advent or Lent.

The Cross of Christ (ADULT)
Rolheiser/The Cross has become the ultimate symbol of love in the world. It is central to Christianity in that we are to forgive our enemies. As such, it is the single most revolutionary moral event that has happened on this planet. And, like all deep things in life, the Cross is largely a mystery. The Cross reveals God's unconditional love and vulnerability; as a teaching and an invitation to discipleship; God suffers with us. The Cross call us beyond ourselves, our own agenda, our own life without resentment. This presentation was taped before a live audience at King's Retreat House and Renewal Center in Belleville, IL. Two parts of 50 minutes each.

Celebrating the Seasons of Advent and Lent (Grades 3-8)
Advent: Celebrating the Season discusses the customs of Advent such as the wreath, Jesse Tree, Advent Friend, Straw for a Crib, and Advent House. Lent: Celebrating the Season explores customs, traditions, prayers, and ways we can keep Lent as we walk together on the path to Jerusalem.

The Passion of Christ (ADULT)
Ron Rolheiser/Through Scripture and examples from life, Fr. Rolheiser gives new understanding and encouragement in how we can give our lives to the world and to also give our death to the world. When we think of passion we think of Christ's physical suffering and death but in the Agony of the Garden, the Gospels do not emphasize Jesus' physical sufferings. The Gospel writers want us to understand Jesus the lover, who undergoes moral and emotional sufferings without resentment or bitterness. Fr. Rolheiser explains that God's strength comes when we are exhausted and open to being transformed. A profound and moving reflection in 2 parts with a live audience.

Jesus, the Way: The Path of Christian Discipleship (ADULT)
Tom Zanzig. Rich and engaging content in a style that appeals to adults interested in growing as Christians. This program includes: DVD (96 minutes*) with three 30-minute presentations; Leader's Guide; CD music for prayer services; and a participant's notebook. NOTE: Reproduction of any portion of the Participant's Notebook requires written permission from the publisher. *Understanding Jesus: Two Perspectives (39 min)-- offers a balanced view of Jesus Following Jesus: Christian Spirituality (23 min)-- how Christology influences personal spirituality Identifying with Jesus: No Longer I Who Live (34 min)--the lifelong process of spiritual transformation

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