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Mass For Children: A Middle-Grader's Guide… (Emementary Grades 4-6, JH)
This upbeat video centers around a group of children who are unruly and uninvolved during a Mass celebrated by Fr. Maurice Nutt. When Fr. Nutt asks why they refused to participate, he discovers that they don't really understand the Mass at all. Fr. Nutt's explanation of the Mass and answers to the students' questions are illustrated by scenes of a mass celebrated by Bishop Paul Zipfel. This DVD's uniqueness lies in its use of strong images of Jesus and focus on real-life situations. Short vignettes show that we can bring problems with family and friends to the Mass and experience reconciliation in the Eucharist. The Mass for Children is engaging and informative as it sends a direct message to children: the celebration of the Eucharist is a life-giving and joyous experience that can become a central part of their lives.

One Bread, One Body: Parish Program For Special Ministers Of The Eucharist (ADULT)
This video explores the practicalities and possibilities for Ministers of the Eucharist in the local parish community. It can be used for initial training for new ministers or as further training for experienced ministers. It is based on the experience of Naas Parish in County Kildare, Ireland. There are five units: 1. One of Ourselves examines the experience of the Eucharistic Minister; 2. In Memory of Me reviews the development of the present rite of the Mass and its associated ministries (Passover story, Last Supper, Eucharist in the early Christian communities); 3. Places and Vessels explains the sacred vessels used for communion; 4. Bread Broken and Shared examines the liturgy of the Eucharist; and, 5. In the Name of the Community teaches about bringing communion to the sick. A companion booklet covers the celebration of the Eucharist and the Special Minister of the Eucharist, questions that Special Ministers often ask, suggestions on the use of the video, the Rite for the Commissioning of a Special Minister of the Eucharist, the Rite for sending Ministers of the Sick from the Sunday Parish Mass, and additional resource material.

Training The Eucharistic Minister (ADULT)
This clear, concise video for training Eucharistic ministers explains the responsibilities of the Eucharistic minister when ministering within the assembly, or to the sick and confined, and when leading communion services. Correct as well as incorrect methods of distributing the bread and wine are enacted. The theology of this Ministry of Communion is presented simply and understandably. The program also provides answers to such questions as: what do I do if I drop the host or spill the wine; how do I minister to a handicapped person; how do I administer the Eucharist when no priest is available; how will I know whether to place the host in a person's hand or on the tongue; how should I minister the Eucharist to the sick and confined. Both new and veteran Eucharistic ministers will benefit from this instructional program.

First Communion: A Family Journey (Emementary Grades 1-4, ADULT)
This video provides separate segments for children and parents. The meaning of the Eucharist, Baptism is made clear to both children and their parents.

Echoes of Faith: Liturgy and Sacraments (ADULT)
This video is one of a series. In it, you will explore the meaning of liturgy and sacrament, and gain insight into why the sacramental life of the faith community is so central to our Catholic identity. Some core understandings addressed are: the meaning of ritual, the nature of liturgy, symbolic actions and the saving action we celebrate, and the seven sacraments and the experiences of life.

Faithful Revolution: Video 1 - Genius of the Heart (ADULT)
Vatican II is one of the great cultural and religious events of the 20th century. Surprisingly, many Catholics have no understanding of Vatican II. This video seeks to inform us about Vatican II's influence on the Church, through five 1-hour videos. The series can be used for adult education, catechist training, college courses in Vatican II, parish renewal, Catholic identity, and targeted continuing education for specific areas of parish ministry and leadership. It is also good for programs on "The Church and the Coming Millenium." Part One covers Pope John XXIII's reasons for convening Vatican II, changes in the Mass, and the death and legacy of John XXIII. Some of the distinctive teachings of Vatican II are touched upon (e.g., The Church is a mystery, not an institution; the Church is the whole people of God, not just the hierarchy, clergy, and religious; and the Catholic Church is not the only means of salvation). Good discussion questions are provided.

Faithful Revolution: Video 3 - Human Dignity (ADULT)
This series gives us a better understanding of Vatican II. This video looks at: social justice, the poor, and Latin America; religious liberty, the Church in Poland, and fall of Communism; the Church in Africa, enculturation, and lively liturgy; and inter-religious dialogue, Jewish/Christian relations, and the Holocaust. It can be the basis for very good discussions.

Close Encounters with the Mass (Emementary Grades 3-6)
Sandra is having problems understanding the various symbols and rituals in the Celebration of the Eucharist and what they mean. To make matters worse, Mr. Ferndock volunteers to fill in for the regular religion teacher and confuses the issue even more. Luckily, the "Close Encounters" angel comes to the resue form the control room of "The Mass Channel." She takes Sandra and Mr. Ferndock on a video journey showing how gathering the faith community for the weekly Mass is very much like gathering the family for the celebration of Thanksgiving. Includes study guide.

Contemplating Icons (HS, ADULT)
The viewer takes a spiritiual journey into the experience of praying with icons, while the presentation gradually reveals the symbolism and the theological insights of icons. As the program unfolds, our understanding of the Orthodox understanding of icons deepens, and their significance as a common Christian heritage becomes clear. 5 part program: Icons of Christ, Mother of God, Saints & Prophets, The Iconostatis, Liturgical Solomnities.

Praying With Children (ADULT)
This video discusses the purpose of communal prayer and how to get children to participate in ways appropriate to their age level. They show examples of praying with 2nd and 5th grade students. The use of gestures and music are included. The distinction between liturgical (public) and devotional (private) prayer is discussed.

Sesquicentennial Eucharistic Liturgy ( at Auriesville 9/14/97) (HS, ADULT)
This is a videotape of the Official Diocesan Sesquicentennial Liturgy, held at the Shrine of the North American Martyrs, Auriesville, on September 14, 1997. It includes the homily by Cardinal John O'Connor of the Archdiocese of New York and greetings from Pope John Paul II delivered by Papal Nuncio Archbishop Agostino Cacciavillan. "It was a day of memory-making sights: A line of priests that stretched as far as the eye could see…newborn babies held in the arms of grandparents…women in African robes seated next to Knights of Malta…a beautiful sunburst behind the altar that mirrored the original one in the sky on a perfect day." (The Evangelist, 9-18-97) Also present were 17 bishops from New York, Archbishops Harry J. Flynn of Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, and Ecumenical Speaker, the Rev. Dr. Greg Mast, 1st Reformed Church of Albany.

Catholic Update Video: The Church Celebrates Lent and Easter (ADULT)
In the story segment, we meet a man whose personal story of spiritual death and rebirth illustrates the dying to self we all must undertake as true followers of Christ. In the witness segment, Catholics share their personal reflections about the meaning of Lent and Easter in their own lives. In the teaching segment, Franciscan Fr. Tom Richstatter presents as overview of the Easter Season--from Lent to Pentecost. He emphasizes how Baptism is central to Christian identity in the lives of all believers. The music video reflection invites us to allow God to take our brokenness and to renew us in the spirit of the Lent/Easter celebrations.

Catholic Update Video: The Liturgical Year and Sunday (ADULT)
In the story segment, a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary reflect on events and themes, the rhythms and cycle of their life together. Their marriage provides a real-life parallel to the way that the Church year relates to our daily lives. In the witness segment, Catholics talk about the relevance of the liturgical year and Sundays in their faith lives. In the teaching segment, Fr. Tom Richstatter offers an overview of the liturgical year and an explanation of the important place Sunday holds in it. His presentation revolves around the central statement that "The Church Year is the way we read the Bible." The program concludes with a music video reflection to the song "As Water to the Thirsty," performed by David Haas and friends.

Children, Liturgy And The Word (ADULT)
This video shows the liturgy of the word with children as celebrated with ritual and gesture at St. Julie Billiart Church in Tinley Park, Illinois. You will also see the entrance rite, the dismissal and the participation of the children in the liturgy of the eucharist with the larger assembly. You will hear interviews with the children, presiders, members of the assembly, religious educators, parents and the pastor. Learn how this liturgy evolved, why the approved translation, the Contemporary English Version, is used, how leaders are chosen and formed, how this liturgy differs from catechesis, and the effects of this liturgy on the entire parish.

Catholic Update Video : A Walk Through The Mass (HS, ADULT)
This video explores some of the meaning behind the celebration of Eucharist and takes a step-by-step look at the four principal parts of the Mass. STORY: Two estranged brothers and a wise woman gather with friends to share stories in the presence of a loaf of bread. (8 min.) WITNESS: Real-life Catholics share the power of the Eucharist in their lives. (5 min.) TEACHING: Thomas Richstatter, OFM, explains in detail the four parts of the Mass and the rituals which accompany them. (14 min.) MUSIC VIDEO: "The Song of the Body of Christ" by David Haas. (3 min.)

Easter: A Celebration of Hope (ADULT)
Join the internationally renowned Folk Choir of the University of Notre Dame in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart as they celebrate Christ's resurrection--and the hope it symbolizes--through scripture readings, songs, and hymns. In this video, Director Steve Warner unites the choir and musicians to create a truly Catholic expression of faith. From the lyrical "Now the Green Blade Rises" to the rousing "I Have Been Anointed," the choir takes viewers on a deeply moving journey that enlivens the spirit and strengthens the soul.

Prayer Services for Adults (ADULT)
335 prayer services for parish meetings, religious educatiors, parish staff/councils, liturgy committees, study groups, the elderly. You can also search by Church season, lectionary readings, and themes. All of the prayer services have Scripture texts built into them and involeve participants with a variety of readings, prayers, sharing, cativitives, and simple rituals. Reprint permission.

The Church Gathers (ADULT)
Gary Daigle and Marty Haugen perform music for the Eucharistic Introductory Rite.

The Church Breaks Bread (ADULT)
Gary Daigle and Marty Haugen perform music for the Communion Rite.

Up From the Waters (Adult, older adolescent)
Marty Haugen performs music for Christian Initiation

Sunday Morning (PK, Emementary Grades K-3)
This bright and lively video, filled with children singing, children praying and praising, and bible stories, is unique in its approach to how Christians pray together. It situates our principle worship on Sunday morning, the traditional first day of creation, the day of resurrection. And, while it engages and speaks to children between four and ten years of age, it does so in a way that brings them essential insights into the heart of Christian tradition.

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