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Peer Pressure

On The Air: Life Isn't Fair! (HS)
That's right…life isn't fair! Sometimes it's just the little things that go wrong that can overwhelm a teen! In this episode of "On The Air," teenagers will discover that they are in control of their reactions to a world that isn't fair. They will learn how a change of attitude and perspective can improve their outlook on a world that is guaranteed to be unfair.

Struggling With Stress (HS, ADULT)
This program takes the teen's point of view to realistically depict the moods, attitudes, pressures, and decision-making dilemmas that confront today's adolescents. It uses a documentary format to follow a group of ethnically and socio-economically diverse teenagers through their normal everyday lives and exposes the challenges they face in managing stress. By watching how other real young people cope with the stresses in their world, your students will understand more about how to apply such coping techniques to their own daily lives. The video and Teacher's Resource Book review various strategies to combat stress.

What I Really Want to Say: Peer Pressure Over-Rated or Reality? (JH, HS)
This is the second in a series of six videos. The teens talk about how the natural desire to fit in and be accepted can lead to peer pressure and things they don't want to do. Drinking, dieting, making fun of other kids, dressing and talking a certain way are some of the things the teens admit to doing to fit in. As the discussion moves toward what to look for in a friend, it becomes clear that we want someone who loves us for ourselves--God. Topics discussed are: friendship, peer pressure, teen drinking, eating disorders, racism, sibling pressure, and promiscuity.

Family Theater Films: The Visit (HS, ADULT)
This is one in a series of five videos. In five modern dramatic stories, scenes from the biblical narrative are intertwined with the contemporary to create powerful connections with the Gospel. The stories address themes such as AIDS, stealing, abortion, reconciliation, peer pressure, family communication, and more. The scenes are realistic, well-produced and touch on relevant issues which will stimulate discussion and reflection. In this video, just as Mary reached out and visited Elizabeth, a steadfast woman stands by a young mother with AIDS. Key issues: AIDS, peer pressure, friendship, social influence.

Broken Toy (JH, HS, ADULT)
Combining a dramatic storyline, performed realistically by actual school-children, this video is a powerful tool that addresses the problem of bullying directly to children. It is a shattering program that will move and educate children like nothing they've ever experienced. Raymond is a 12-year-old boy who lives with his grandmother. His lonely life is made even lonelier by the cruel verbal and physical treatment he receives from other children at school. In the halls, on the playground, even in the classroom. Raymond is the victim of constant bullying, namely from Mike, Troy, and their "followers". To these youngsters, Raymond's feelings mean nothing. That is until one day…when they go too far. Nobody meant for it to get out of hand, and certainly the children didn't mean for the accident to happen…but it did. In the face of tragedy, these "unfeeling" youngsters will finally wake up But is it too late?

Black Oasis (Adolescent; Young Adults)
This drama gets to the heart of the difficulites that many post-modern teens are dealing with today: peer pressure, cutting, suicide, divorced parents. In this story we meet Emily, a girl struggling with the pain of her parents' failed marriage and the dark temptations of a new friend. This is an authentic, hard-hitting and ultimately compassionate story about the forces that tear at today's families. The intense emotion of Emily's journey will motivate discussion on a wide range of issues relevant to today's teens and parents.

Personal Safety Awareness for Learning for Life (Adolescent; Young Adults)
This video is a presentaiton for any young person 14 through 20 years of age. It is made up of aseries of four vignettes dealing with the issues of acquaintance rape, Internet safety and pornography, peer sexual harassment, and suicide and depression. Each scenario has points at which the video presentation is suspended for local group discussion. All scenarios have "reality check" sections pointing out critical information regarding each situation. This video is segmented for flexibility in a class or meeting venue.

Building Good Relationships (Grades 7-10)
This exciting program captures the attention of viewers and engages them in building the skills to assess the health of a relationship, manage conflicts effectively, and communicate clearly. This hands-on workshop gives students the skills to evaluate healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, be assertive rather than aggressive, resist peer pressure, communicate clearly, and resolve conflicts. Teens will recognize their own behavior and learn to identify communication roadblocks. Accompanying student handouts provide practice in building effective relationship skills. The informaton-packed teacher's guide includes suggestions for using the workshop, 20 reproducible student handouts, and an extensive bibliography.

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Audience Codes: PK = Preschool, EL = Elementary, JH = Junior High, HS = HighSchool, Adult

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