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His Name Is John (Pope John XXIII) (ADULT)
A dramatic enactment of the life of Pope John XXIII, one of the great popes of this century, who called forth renewal in the Church and brought forth new life for all of Christendom. The program was written by Anthony Padovano and features Tom Wees as John XXIII. In this one-actor play, the vision comes alive as it is told with passion, humor, and reflective insights. John XXIII proclaimed a new vision for the world and for the Church in his short pontificate 25 years ago.

Bring Down the Walls (ADULT)
Launch the next 100 years of influential Catholic social vision by discovering the legacy of the past century of Catholic social teaching. Commemorating the 100th anniversary of Pope Leo XIII's encyclical Rerum Novarum, this video urges viewers to rediscover the wisdom, power and heritage of the social teachings of Jesus Christ and the church. Based on the U.S. bishops 1991 statement, A Century of Social Teaching: A Common Heritage, A Continuing Challenge, this video seeks to inspire viewers to put these teachings into practice in their lives and help bring down the walls of injustice wherever they exist.

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Audience Codes: PK = Preschool, EL = Elementary, JH = Junior High, HS = HighSchool, Adult

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