Catholic Faith Formation and Education

Catholic Update Video: The Way of the Cross (HS, ADULT)
This video offers different approaches to the Lenten observances of the Stations of the Cross: spirituality, social justice, history, how to pray the Stations, and a 16-minute "music-video meditation."

Echoes of Faith: Prayer and Spirituality (ADULT)
This video is one of a series. It is divided into four segments. The first two explore the nature of prayer, various forms of prayer, and some obstacles to prayer. The third segment examines the spiritual life as it is lived in the midst of day-to-day issues and challenges. The final segment offers a reflection and catechesis on the central prayer of the Christian tradition, the Our Father.

More Things Are Wrought By Prayer: 50 Years Of Family Theater (HS, ADULT)
Patrick Peyton, CSC, believed that the family that prays together stays together. He carried this simple truth to millions worldwide as a Catholic priest of the Congregation of Holy Cross. Beginning in Albany, New York, Father Peyton used the medium of his day--radio. He created a simple 15-minute program on a local station and from it, urged families to prayer and togetherness.

Contemplating Icons (HS, ADULT)
The viewer takes a spiritiual journey into the experience of praying with icons, while the presentation gradually reveals the symbolism and the theological insights of icons. As the program unfolds, our understanding of the Orthodox understanding of icons deepens, and their significance as a common Christian heritage becomes clear. 5 part program: Icons of Christ, Mother of God, Saints & Prophets, The Iconostatis, Liturgical Solomnities.

Life Of Christ: The Joyful Mysteries (HS, ADULT)
This first video in a series of three discusses the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary. These magnificent dramas unfold with startling reality the awesome events of our salvation, bringing a more profound understanding of the mysteries of the Rosary and the Gospels to young and old. Filmed in the 1950s, this timeless celebrated series will delight audiences and enhance religious education classes and Bible studies.

Pray Today (JH, HS)
This inspiring video will motivate viewers to examine their experiences of prayer. The message of God's love is revealed through the personal witness of those featured in this program. There are nine segments: 1. Meet John Foppe. 2. Do you pray? 3. What should I say? 4. Does God hear our prayer? 5. Different ways to pray. 6. Finding time to pray. 7. Listening to God. 8. Prayerfully celebrating the Mass. 9. Traditional prayer.

Praying With Children (ADULT)
This video discusses the purpose of communal prayer and how to get children to participate in ways appropriate to their age level. They show examples of praying with 2nd and 5th grade students. The use of gestures and music are included. The distinction between liturgical (public) and devotional (private) prayer is discussed.

Questions Of The Soul: What Is Prayer? (HS, ADULT)
Here are just a few of the questions about prayer which will be answered in this warm, engaging, sometimes humorous, and always thought-provoking video: If God knows everything, why pray? If God is beyond all, how dare mere creatures speak to God? If someone says "pray for me," does it make any difference if we do or not? If we pray for physical healing, and it happens, who did it: God or the doctor? What is the "best way" to pray? Is it ever all right not to praise God in prayer? What does it mean to say "prayer is the moment we shift our line of vision?" If you don't pray, watch this video if you want inspiration to start or to start again. If you already pray, watch this video and gain new insights.

Vida de Cristo: Los Misterios del Rosario (HS, ADULT)
La apremiante y poderosa historia del Evangelio es presentada en tres videos con cinco segmentos de 20 minutos cada uno: VOLUMEN 1- Los Misterios Gozosos; VOLUMEN 2 - Los Misterios Dolorosos; and VOLUMEN 3 - Los Misterios Gloriosos. Estas obras fueron filmadas en Espana en 1957 con la participacion de un gran reparto.

Religious Classics with Michael Himes: Teresa of Avila Autobiography (ADULT)
Teresa of Avila, a Doctor of the Church, experienced opposition in her day by religious leaders who disparaged her visions. Teresa, however, trusted her inner experiences and wrote about them in her Autobiography. Himes looks at her practical spiritual wisdom and presents us a woman of integrity in a tumultuous era.

Religious Classics with Michael Himes: Ignatius of Loyola (ADULT)
Few guides into the spiritual life are as deeply insightful and immediately practical as Ignatius' directives to those in prayer and discernment. Drawing on his own experience of conversion and growth, he formulated a program of "exercises" to develop heart and mind. This video is not so much a biography of Ignatius as it is an introduction to the nature and content of the Spiritual Exercises.

Religious Classics with Michael Himes: Julian of Norwich (ADULT)
In 1373 Dame Julian experienced 16 "shewings" or revelations of the depth and intensity of God's love for her and all creatures. Her account of those revelations and her subsequent meditations on them is one of the treasures of medieval spirituality and a landmark of the English spiritual tradition.

Prayer Services for Adults (ADULT)
335 prayer services for parish meetings, religious educatiors, parish staff/councils, liturgy committees, study groups, the elderly. You can also search by Church season, lectionary readings, and themes. All of the prayer services have Scripture texts built into them and involeve participants with a variety of readings, prayers, sharing, cativitives, and simple rituals. Reprint permission.

My Favorite Prayers and Spiritual Reflections (Adult, older adolescent)
Includes Apostle's Creed, Anicma Christi, prayers by St. Augustine, St. John Neumann, St. Alphonsus Ligouri, Reflection by His Holiness Pope John Paul II.

I'm Gonna Let it Shine: A Gathering of Voices for Freedom (All)
Recipient of The Parent's Choice Award, includes "This Little Light", "We Shall Overcome," "Get On Board, Children", "I'm On My Way".

Psalm 23 (All)
A gift of love to the children of NYC and all of America from the American Bible Society, Billy Gilman, Rebecca St. James, John Elefante, and David Pack.

Peaceful Journeys: Part 1 - Praying (HS, ADULT)
This is the first in a series of three videos with Robert Wicks, Professor and Chairperson of Graduate Programs in Pastoral Counseling at Loyola College in Maryland. Discussion questions include: Do you think you are ready to "get serious" about the spiritual life? What would that mean for you? When have you found it "easy" to pray? When has it been difficult? What would it mean for you to "let go" in prayer? For you, what does "listening to God" entail? Of the types of prayer mentioned by Dr. Wicks, which is most appealing to you? Which is the most difficult? Why is silence so difficult for so many of us? Much of our prayer is determined by our image of God. What is your image of God?

Prayer Made Simple and Joyful (ADULT)
This three-part program teaches young and old alike how to add a refreshing measure of joy to their prayer lives. PART ONE deals with the definition of "pure" prayer, which involves "willing" to give ourselves to God. Even when we feel nothing spiritually, and our thoughts drift, our prayer is pure when we give ourselves over to God as best we can. PART TWO teaches that the secret to prayer rests in our fidelity to God's will as manifested in the "present moment." The past is gone; the future is hidden from our eyes. All we have is the present moment to rest in God--just as we are. PART THREE has to do with the joy we can and should bring to our prayer. Believing that Jesus came to give us the fullness of life, we can come to prayer wearing an "inner smile." Father Catoir believes that the greatest honor we can give God through our prayer is to live joyfully, believing in God's great love for us.

Rosary for Little Children (PK, Emementary Grades 1-3)
The Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary, a reflection on the early life of Jesus, has been a mainstay of Christian prayer. And now, in this video, that same rosary is a source of joy for God's littlest children. Your child will join a lively chorus of children in a heartfelt journey to Jesus. Led by a heavenly visitor, portrayed by Broadway actress Jennifer Naimo, children will learn the mysteries of Christ's life and they will learn how to pray for their families, the Church, and children with special needs.

Stations of the Cross (HS, ADULT)
A prayerful video which brings special meaning to the Way of the Cross by skillfully combining the spoken word, original music and visual imagery. Thought-provoking meditations written by Father James Killgallon take the viewer through each of the fourteen stations recalling the mysteries of Calvary.

Sunday Morning (PK, Emementary Grades K-3)
This bright and lively video, filled with children singing, children praying and praising, and bible stories, is unique in its approach to how Christians pray together. It situates our principle worship on Sunday morning, the traditional first day of creation, the day of resurrection. And, while it engages and speaks to children between four and ten years of age, it does so in a way that brings them essential insights into the heart of Christian tradition.

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