Catholic Faith Formation and Education

Meaningful Conversations about Prayer: Praying with Our Own Words (ADULT)
One of a 4-dvd set designed to facilitate reflection and discussion about prayer. Contains 5 segments: "The heart of prayer is learning to be present", "We really only pray when we get down to our hearts", "People come to pray intuitively", "We seek the presence of other people who are also searching", and "Looking at where God is working in your day".

Taize: That Little Springtime (Adult, Young Adult)
Shot on location in France, this video presents a glimpse of 80 men--from different cultures and different Christian traditions--who comprise the ecumenical community of Taize, founded in 1940. Thousands of people--mostly young adults--have traveled from around the world to the picturesque Burgundy region of Franch to spend time with the community. In the program, we see them in Bible Study and small group discussions, as well as in prayer with the Brothers--a prayer composed of Scripture readings, silence and the well-known Taize music. The young people speak of their motivations and hopes, while Brother Roger, Taize's founder, shares his reasons for beginning the community. Several of the Brothers reflect on Taize's mission today.

Close Encounters with Mary and the Rosary (Grades 3-5)
During a classroom exercise wherein Fr. Brendan guides young students in making a rosary out of string and beads, young Alex finds he just doesn't get what the rosary is all about. Luckily for him, our helpful angel appears to clear things up. The rosary is all about major events in the life of Jesus, so the angel compares the Mysteries to a photo album. When it's made visual and Alex sees what the rosary represents, it all becomes real to him. All four mysteries are presented and explained in age-appropriate language so that young audiences will undertand that the rosary is a very special way to get in touch with Jesus and Mary.

Where Dreams Begin: Evening Sky (adolescent, adult)
Where Dreams Begin combines gorgeous nature video with the inspirational music of Tim Janis in a stirring combination of song and imagery. Each scene is carefully choreographed to the score, creating a peaceful flow of nature and music. Evening Sky features breathtaking sunsets from around North America and lush orchestral melodies featuring pennywhistle and cello. Sit back, relax, and let the beauty of nature wash over you! Perfect for meditative prayer.

Connecting With God/Why Catholics Do What They Do (In Church) (JH-Adult)
Connecting with God: This program takes a closer look at what prayer can be by focusing on 3 ways we can connect with God: through our bodies, through music, and through nature. Sr. Dorothy Ederer, Fr. Brendan Moss, Kathleen Chesto. Tailor made for teens at all levels. Also excellent for RCIA candidates and adult ed groups. Depicts teens in real-life situations. Why Catholics Do What They Do: In four, 5-to-7 minute segments, Candles, Water, Gestures, and Crosses are covered in a way that will help young people, catechumens, and even life-long Catholics better understand the important reasons for these traditions and how they help us grow in faith.

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Audience Codes: PK = Preschool, EL = Elementary, JH = Junior High, HS = HighSchool, Adult

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