Catholic Faith Formation and Education

What Catholics Believe About Confirmation (HS, ADULT)
Father Michael Tueth helps viewers understand the basic elements of Confirmation and how it relates to their lives. His discussion includes: the origins of Confirmation, the ceremony, the role of the sponsor, the reasons for a "confirmation name," and more. With this video, viewers will learn that Confirmation helps us to continue the work of Christ and minister to others, not only in our own families and parish community, but to the whole world.

Meaningful Conversations about Prayer: How and Why We Pray (ADULT)
Part of 4-DVD set to facilitate reflection and discussion about prayer. Contains 4 segments: "Prayer is talking to God and listening to God", "We pray for many, many reasons", "Everyone knows how to pray", and People who pray can be present."

Eucharist: The Source and the Summit (JH-Adult)
This video presents a comprehensive investigation of the Eucharist in 3 parts: In part one, We Participate, we look at the Eucharist in the Mass, how we gather aroundit, sharing the story, the sacrifice and the meal. In part 2, We Pray, we take at look at Eucharistic Adoration, why we do it, who does it and what does it mean? Finally, in We Practice, we see how we as Catholic Christians share the gift of Eucharist with others through our good works.

Jesus, the Way: The Path of Christian Discipleship (ADULT)
Tom Zanzig. Rich and engaging content in a style that appeals to adults interested in growing as Christians. This program includes: DVD (96 minutes*) with three 30-minute presentations; Leader's Guide; CD music for prayer services; and a participant's notebook. NOTE: Reproduction of any portion of the Participant's Notebook requires written permission from the publisher. *Understanding Jesus: Two Perspectives (39 min)-- offers a balanced view of Jesus Following Jesus: Christian Spirituality (23 min)-- how Christology influences personal spirituality Identifying with Jesus: No Longer I Who Live (34 min)--the lifelong process of spiritual transformation

Connecting With God/Why Catholics Do What They Do (In Church) (JH-Adult)
Connecting with God: This program takes a closer look at what prayer can be by focusing on 3 ways we can connect with God: through our bodies, through music, and through nature. Sr. Dorothy Ederer, Fr. Brendan Moss, Kathleen Chesto. Tailor made for teens at all levels. Also excellent for RCIA candidates and adult ed groups. Depicts teens in real-life situations. Why Catholics Do What They Do: In four, 5-to-7 minute segments, Candles, Water, Gestures, and Crosses are covered in a way that will help young people, catechumens, and even life-long Catholics better understand the important reasons for these traditions and how they help us grow in faith.

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Audience Codes: PK = Preschool, EL = Elementary, JH = Junior High, HS = HighSchool, Adult

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