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Techniques of Spiritual Direction and Religious Counseling (ADULT)
What is the role of the spiritual director? How can the counselor focus on values specifically related to the spiritual life while employing techniques and insights drawn from therapeutic psychology? Father Benedict J. Groeschal, OFM Cap., answers these and other questions as he shares his expertise on these sensitive topics. Especially helpful is his four-step outline of effective counseling techniques. These videos are valuable for spiritual directors, pastoral counselors, vocation directors, clergy formation teams, and religious communities. VIDEO 1--Part 1: Models and Issues of Spiritual Direction; and, Part 2: Techniques Toward Insight. VIDEO 2--Part 3: Techniques of Decision Making and Integration; and, Part 4: Development Issues in Spiritual Direction.

Breaking The Pace: A Step Inward With Thomas Keating (ADULT)
Father Thomas Keating, a Trappist monk, explains the profound value of centering prayer as a way to discover the reality of God in each of us. With love and humor, describes this practice of prayer as a way to slow down and develop a real friendship with God. He answers questions such as "How can I find time to put God first in my life?" "Why should I spend time alone with the Lord each day?" and "How can I develop a relationship with the Lord?" The benefits of inner healing and emotional maturity will help each person ultimately respond to the call of the Gospel and Gospel values in their life.

Catholic Update Video: The Way of the Cross (HS, ADULT)
This video offers different approaches to the Lenten observances of the Stations of the Cross: spirituality, social justice, history, how to pray the Stations, and a 16-minute "music-video meditation."

Echoes of Faith: Prayer and Spirituality (ADULT)
This video is one of a series. It is divided into four segments. The first two explore the nature of prayer, various forms of prayer, and some obstacles to prayer. The third segment examines the spiritual life as it is lived in the midst of day-to-day issues and challenges. The final segment offers a reflection and catechesis on the central prayer of the Christian tradition, the Our Father.

Giving Tree, The (K-12, Adult)
Based on Shel Silverstein's book, this poignant story about the relationship between a boy and a tree illustrates some truths about the meaning of giving, receiving, and love. The tree happily and unselfishly offers itself to the boy for climbing, shade, and rest. But as the boy grows up, he wants different things from the tree--money & lumber. The boy's life takes him farther and farther from the tree, but old age reunites them and brings their relationship full circle.

Merton: A Film Biography (ADULT)
This critically acclaimed film examines Merton's life and work through insightful interviews with those who knew him, including the Dalai Lama, poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti, publisher Robert Giroux, musician Joan Baez, monks he lived with and friends with whom he shared his deepest emotions. Interwoven with interviews are passages from Merton's writing and scenes from significant places of his life, including his birthplace in France, the Gethsemani monastery, and Bangkok, Thailand, where he died.

Mystery Of God: Father (HS, ADULT)
How do we humans come to know God? How do we come into contact with the Divine? This video introduces us to the in-born human conditions that lead us to search for God and to recognize the presence of God in our world and in our lives. Filled with profound insight and beautiful images, it will leave you more aware than ever before about how God touches us and satisfies our human longing. Families and parish groups alike will find their faith supported by these unforgettable stories.

Mystery Of God: Jesus (HS, ADULT)
How do we know who God is? How do we learn to listen when God speaks to us? God is revealed to us in the person of Jesus Christ. Using stories and images, this video leads us to a deeper understanding of how the teaching of Jesus can be applied to modern life. Its rich imagery and wonderful storytelling leaves us with deep insights into the person of Jesus who is present with us now. Families and parish groups alike will find their faith supported by these inspiring stories.

Mystery Of God: Spirit (HS, ADULT)
Have you ever thought about the Holy Spirit? Have you ever described the Spirit to anyone? This video provides us with metaphors, images, and stories that give a rich description of the powerful presence of the Spirit in everyday life. And once we recognize the Spirit's presence, as shown in this video, we begin to mold our lives around the Spirit's prompting deep within our hearts. Families and parish groups alike will find their faith supported by this illuminating story.

Open Wide The Doors To Christ: A Personal Reflection On Jubilee Year 2000 (HS, ADULT)
This video, designed as a tool for parish and personal reflection, presents one way of preparing for the new millenium--by reaching out in our community to those who are poor and homeless and need our assistance. It is in reaching out to others that we build a community of Christ and live the Gospel message.

Open Wide The Doors: How To Prepare For Jubilee 2000 (ADULT)
This is your video resource to start preparing for the celebration of Jubilee Year 2000 in your parish, in your family and in your own personal spiritual life. It is meant as a way to inspire you and others that there are concrete practical suggestions to make the period of time leading to this momentous year as fulfilling and meaningful as possible.

Questions Of The Soul: Do I Really Need A Community? (HS, ADULT)
In this five-video series, Father Michael Himes looks at the deep issues of spirituality and provides unique insights in his warm often humorous style. Great for RCIA, small Christian communities and retreats. Father Himes, priest of the Diocese of Brooklyn and professor of theology at Boston College, demonstrates that spirituality is no "solo flight" to God, and that there can be no true spirituality without community.

Questions Of The Soul: What Can Suffering Teach Us? (HS, ADULT)
The question of the soul addressed in this video is as old as Job. Suffering is a part of life, but Christianity does not have an answer for it. Christianity does show us how to take invaluable life lessons from suffering. Suffering teaches us much about humanity, about God and about why "our hearts are restless until we rest in God." Father Himes will show that all too often we take refuge in Jesus as the 'divine therapist' who takes away all our pain. And then we become frustrated when we never seem to abide in a state of complete happiness and contentment. In the video you will NOT find an answer to the question "Why do we suffer?" You will not find a way to avoid suffering, but you will be brought deeper into the God/human relationship and you will find yourself reflecting courageously on the God whom we all seek.

Questions Of The Soul: What Is Spiritual Discipline? (HS, ADULT)
Asceticism has a long and valued history within Christianity, but does it mean anything in our world today? Father Himes will explore an answer by reflecting on the wisdom of St. Francis, St. John the Baptist and St. Augustine. Ultimately, Father Himes will show that Christians are called upon to eradicate poverty in the world, but that voluntary Christian asceticism can help us to discover that "I am not God and that is a good thing." As with all the videos in this dynamic series, dare to view this and have your imagination expanded and be challenged to go deeper into the Mystery we call God.

Questions Of The Soul: What Is Spirituality? (HS, ADULT)
Father Himes describes what spirituality is and how it touches every facet of daily living. In this video, we look in depth at unbelief and the attitude that God is dead. We will see that unbelief cannot be reversed by reading books or by attempts at prayer. It is only by loving others, God's creation, that we will come to believe in the living God. Using classic stories, anecdotes and powerful images, this video will take the viewer on a journey into the soul. We will find that spirituality involves all of life and that we can experience it profoundly if we are open to an expansion of the imagination.

Great Souls: Billy Graham (ADULT)
For more than half a century, Billy Graham moved across the world stage as the preeminent Protestant religious figure of our times. Friend to ten American presidents and pastor to most, he has been called the greatest religious figure of the 20th century. Friends, collegues, and his son and heir, Franklin Graham join special gusest Bill Buckley, Dan Rather, and Sir David Frost to look at the man, his message and his legacy. The hour was filmed on location across America and Europe.

Everyone, Everywhere (Mother Teresa) (JH, HS, ADULT)
Mother Teresa challenges us to recognize the poor in all those who are abandoned, unwanted, or alone. She reminds us that we are all called to be missionaries of charity right where we live and work.

Religious Classics with Michael Himes: Teresa of Avila Autobiography (ADULT)
Teresa of Avila, a Doctor of the Church, experienced opposition in her day by religious leaders who disparaged her visions. Teresa, however, trusted her inner experiences and wrote about them in her Autobiography. Himes looks at her practical spiritual wisdom and presents us a woman of integrity in a tumultuous era.

Religious Classics with Michael Himes: Ignatius of Loyola (ADULT)
Few guides into the spiritual life are as deeply insightful and immediately practical as Ignatius' directives to those in prayer and discernment. Drawing on his own experience of conversion and growth, he formulated a program of "exercises" to develop heart and mind. This video is not so much a biography of Ignatius as it is an introduction to the nature and content of the Spiritual Exercises.

Religious Classics with Michael Himes: Julian of Norwich (ADULT)
In 1373 Dame Julian experienced 16 "shewings" or revelations of the depth and intensity of God's love for her and all creatures. Her account of those revelations and her subsequent meditations on them is one of the treasures of medieval spirituality and a landmark of the English spiritual tradition.

Foundations of Christianity - Program 1 - Mystery (Adult, Older adolescent)
Michael Himes draws on poetry, Alice in Wonderland, and Shakespeare to show the only way we can speak of the deepest things is in metaphors. This is certainly true of the deepest Mystery--God. We are caught between saying nothing because we can never express God adequately (only God can) and having to say something. Himes shows us how to say that something while always being led deeper into that Mystery that is God.

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