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Out of Solitude: Three Meditations on the Christian Life (Adult)
Drawing on three moments of Jesus' life, Henri Nouwen invites us to consider the tension between our desire for solitude and the demands of our contemporary lives. He points out that it was in solitude that Jesus dsicovered the courage to follow God's will. He shows us that fruitful love and service spring from a living relationship with God. Beautiful and profound in its simplicity, Out of Solitude is as relevant today as when it was written 30 years ago. Read by Paul Smith.

Beginning to Pray (Adult)
Anthony Bloom. Read by Paul Smith. On CD.

A Pair of Parables (JH-Adult)
Fr. Edward Hays/The Little Tin Box is the touching story of a bankrupt farm couple who watch their farm and all their possessions auctioned off. They've lost everything--everything, that is, but their little tin box. In the end, the sacred treasure stored in the box is all they need. The Magic Fishbowl is one of his most relevant stories. Rapid change is the norm in this age of the information super highway. Many of us would prefer to hang on to our comfortable little world, our "fishbowl". Hays shows us that change is not only natural, but is the destiny of all believers.

Reflections for the Spiritual Explorer (JH-Adult)
Three meditations for use by individuals or groups. Great for centering prayer, discussion starters, or seasonal reflections. "With You Always" reminds us that God is with us always, through every twist and turn of life. Reflective images accompany the song "Mary Did You Know". "How Beautiful" tells us that we are always beautiful in the eyes of God, as members of the Body of Christ through the Eucharist. The song "How Beautiful" is paired with scriptural and modern images in this reflective piece. "Mystic Moments" is a virtual walk through a forest the autumn--falling leaves, clear water, and the unmistakable presence of God follow us.

Finding God in All Things (ADULT)
God can be found in every moment and every situation of our lives. Based on principles of Ignatian spirituality and rooted in 500 years of Catholic tradition, this video shows us how to recognize God's presence in our lives and accept his constant invitation to experience his love more fully. Three dynamic narrators share personal stories and help viewers foster a greater awareness of God's ability to work through all circumstances--joyful and painful moments, Mass and the sacraments, and everyday life. The final segment highlights possible responses to God's invitation--such as gratitude, prayer, and service to others. A closing exercise encourages us to reflect on which responses are best in our present lives and help us incorporate those into our regular routines.

Living from the Center (ADULT)
Combining the wisdom of Fr. Richard Rohr with visually intense and heart-moving images, the video leads viewers in a prayer exercise which could help them shatter false images of self, get out of the enslaving demands of our culture and find true identity in God. This is not just another interesting program to be enjoyed. It is a radical look at the illusions we have made into idols and an invitation to take an inner journey to the place where God dwells.

Spirituality and the Two Halves of Life (ADULT)
Rev. Ron Rolheiser/Growth and discipleship have two distinct parts. We leave home at an early age and spend many years trying to find our way back. How do we get back home again? That's the spiritual task for the first half of life. But, where do we go once we're back home? That's the spirituality for the second half of life. No matter which half of life you're in, you'll gain new insights with Rev. Rolheiser. This video was taped before a live audience at the King's House Retreat and Renewal Center in Belleville, NY.

The Cross of Christ (ADULT)
Rolheiser/The Cross has become the ultimate symbol of love in the world. It is central to Christianity in that we are to forgive our enemies. As such, it is the single most revolutionary moral event that has happened on this planet. And, like all deep things in life, the Cross is largely a mystery. The Cross reveals God's unconditional love and vulnerability; as a teaching and an invitation to discipleship; God suffers with us. The Cross call us beyond ourselves, our own agenda, our own life without resentment. This presentation was taped before a live audience at King's Retreat House and Renewal Center in Belleville, IL. Two parts of 50 minutes each.

Champions of Faith - Baseball Edition (Adult, adolescent)
Baseball's biggest stars reveal how their faith guides and sustains their spectacular Major League careers. Includes Mike Piazza, David Eckstein, Jeff Suppan, Mike Sweeney, Jack McKeon, and Rich Donnelly.

For the Love of It (ADULT)
Dewitt Jones. How can you find a way to love what you do? Every day? Join Dewitt Jones, National Geographic photographer and author of three best selling training programs, in For the Love of It as he shares with audiences the importance of beginning each day with a full cup. In this new program, Dewitt discusses how we all have the ability to love what we do through honoring our passion, making a contribution to those around us, and expressing gratitude.

Meaningful Conversations about Prayer: How and Why We Pray (ADULT)
Part of 4-DVD set to facilitate reflection and discussion about prayer. Contains 4 segments: "Prayer is talking to God and listening to God", "We pray for many, many reasons", "Everyone knows how to pray", and People who pray can be present."

Meaningful Conversations about Prayer: Praying with the Church's Words (ADULT)
Part of 4-DVD set to facilitate reflection and discussion about prayer. Contains 4 segments: "Traditional prayer is being part of something bigger than you", "I can still remember being taught to make the sign of the Cross", "The Our Father was given to us by Jesus himself", and "Prayer allows us to see God working in every moment".

Meaningful Conversations about Prayer: Praying with Scripture (ADULT)
One of 4-DVD set designed to facilitate reflection and discussion about prayer. Contains 4 segments: "Everybody's holy. Everyone can pray", "Picking out a word that touches your heart", "Imagine what the scene must have look like", and "The Psalms speak the emotions of the human heart".

Meaningful Conversations about Prayer: Praying with Our Own Words (ADULT)
One of a 4-dvd set designed to facilitate reflection and discussion about prayer. Contains 5 segments: "The heart of prayer is learning to be present", "We really only pray when we get down to our hearts", "People come to pray intuitively", "We seek the presence of other people who are also searching", and "Looking at where God is working in your day".

Taize: That Little Springtime (Adult, Young Adult)
Shot on location in France, this video presents a glimpse of 80 men--from different cultures and different Christian traditions--who comprise the ecumenical community of Taize, founded in 1940. Thousands of people--mostly young adults--have traveled from around the world to the picturesque Burgundy region of Franch to spend time with the community. In the program, we see them in Bible Study and small group discussions, as well as in prayer with the Brothers--a prayer composed of Scripture readings, silence and the well-known Taize music. The young people speak of their motivations and hopes, while Brother Roger, Taize's founder, shares his reasons for beginning the community. Several of the Brothers reflect on Taize's mission today.

The Passion of Christ (ADULT)
Ron Rolheiser/Through Scripture and examples from life, Fr. Rolheiser gives new understanding and encouragement in how we can give our lives to the world and to also give our death to the world. When we think of passion we think of Christ's physical suffering and death but in the Agony of the Garden, the Gospels do not emphasize Jesus' physical sufferings. The Gospel writers want us to understand Jesus the lover, who undergoes moral and emotional sufferings without resentment or bitterness. Fr. Rolheiser explains that God's strength comes when we are exhausted and open to being transformed. A profound and moving reflection in 2 parts with a live audience.

Jesus, the Way: The Path of Christian Discipleship (ADULT)
Tom Zanzig. Rich and engaging content in a style that appeals to adults interested in growing as Christians. This program includes: DVD (96 minutes*) with three 30-minute presentations; Leader's Guide; CD music for prayer services; and a participant's notebook. NOTE: Reproduction of any portion of the Participant's Notebook requires written permission from the publisher. *Understanding Jesus: Two Perspectives (39 min)-- offers a balanced view of Jesus Following Jesus: Christian Spirituality (23 min)-- how Christology influences personal spirituality Identifying with Jesus: No Longer I Who Live (34 min)--the lifelong process of spiritual transformation

Discovering Everyday Sprituality with Thomas Moore - DVD (ADULT)
2-disc dvd set Disc One: Part 1--Story, Part 2--Story Disc One: Part 3--Place, Part 4--Place Disc Two: Part 5--Activity, Part 6--Activity Disc Two: Part 7--Ritual, Part 8--Ritual This 8-part series profiles a variety of people who have been inspired to reclaim and nuture the sacredness of everyday life. By following their example, we can all gain greater satisfaction in our lives and come to deeper knowledge of what it means to be human. Robert Fulghum, Jeff Smith, Kathleen Norris, Dan Wakefield are among the persons from all walks of life who are profiled.

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