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Pastoral Associate For Leadership Formation Program

Saints Aquila, Pricilla (left) and Lydia (right)
Pastoral associates in the Apostolic Church, but without the formal title

Vocation of the Pastoral Associate
Like their apostolic ancestors, the pastoral associate is a servant leader who supports the pastor’s sacramental and pastoral vocation by overseeing any combination of human resources, information technology, facility maintenance, finance and front-line pastoral needs of a parish or parish network.  A pastoral associate might develop financial reports, onboard new staff, implement an ecumenical food bank, respond to urgent calls for pastoral help (“doorbell needs”) and everything in between.

Overview of Formation Program
The program consists of an eight-month calendar with orientation, nine learning modules that meet on seventeen Tuesday evenings in the Pastoral Center (and by Zoom for distance participation), an evening of reflection, mentoring support, a spring practicum (see Module 10) and a closing celebration.

Due to the collaborative effort of diocesan staff and several parish leaders, lectures, gatherings and handouts are offered without charge, but participants will be responsible for obtaining some reading materials.

Upon successful completion of the program, they will receive a certificate of recognition from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, which they may use to pursue employment within the diocese.