News Releases

Jul 7, 2020, 12:15 PM
After an extensive investigation, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany announced today that it will add Rev. Alan Jupin, who died in 2019, to its List of Offenders for “reasonable cause” related to allegations of sexual abuse against minors.
Jun 18, 2020, 12:30 PM
Students from Albany diocesan school earn first place as student-published authors out of 57,565 entries nationwide
Jun 6, 2020, 12:30 PM
In light of Governor Cuomo’s announcement June 6 that houses of worship may resume public gatherings at 25 percent capacity beginning immediately, Bishop Edward B. Scharfenberger has announced that any parishes in the Diocese of Albany that are able to offer public liturgies while maintaining safety protocols related to COVID-19 may do so at any time.
Jun 2, 2020, 9:00 AM
Bishop Edward B. Scharfenberger has written a column addressing the killing of George Floyd, the subsequent violence in our country, and America’s “original sin” of racism. The column is posted in its entirety on the website of The Evangelist and will be in print on Thursday as well.
May 20, 2020, 3:45 PM
For our reopening guidelines, visit our COVID-19 resource page:
Apr 17, 2020, 3:15 PM
Priests throughout the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany are being encouraged to offer the “Mass in Time of Pandemic,” on Monday, April 20. Parishes in the Diocese have also been invited to ring their church bells at 7 p.m. that day in solidarity with all those who have died or are suffering from the Coronavirus and for those who serve, especially healthcare workers, first responders, and all who bear a special burden in this traumatic time.
Mar 30, 2020, 11:00 AM
The following is a livestream schedule of liturgies for Bishop Edward B. Scharfenberger of Albany for Holy Week, which marks the end of the Lenten season, and for Easter, which commemorates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Mar 21, 2020, 5:00 PM
Relative to COVID-19 pandemic and Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order of 03-20-2020
Mar 18, 2020, 8:40 AM
The Diocese of Albany Catholic Schools will remain closed through Wednesday, April 1, and will first attempt to re-open on Thursday, April 2, unless directed to remain closed for an additional period of time.
Mar 17, 2020, 1:45 PM
In keeping with medical and governmental recommendations and regulations related to COVID-19, the Diocese of Albany is asking all staff who can work remotely to do so. In addition, the Diocese has issued the following operational changes regarding its central offices at the Pastoral Center, 40 North Main Ave., Albany