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Protecting Children

The Diocese of Albany urges all victims to report any instance of sexual abuse against a minor by a member of the clergy, its employees, or volunteers, to the local police or to the office of the appropriate District Attorney.

Adults who wish to report allegations of childhood abuse to the Diocese should contact the diocesan Assistance Coordinator, who will respond to you within 24-48 hours. All allegations of abuse of minors received by the Assistance Coordinator will be reported to the office of the appropriate District Attorney. Copies of reports will also be sent to the Bishop, the diocesan attorney, and the diocesan Review Board members. Reports received will not be screened for credibility.

The Diocese of Albany is committed to full cooperation with the civil authorities in the reporting and investigation of such allegations. If the Diocese receives notification from the DA’s office that it will not investigate an allegation of sexual abuse that was submitted, or that it is unable to take any action, the diocese will then follow its own protocol for processing an allegation of sexual abuse.

For additional information on reporting abuse, employees reporting abuse, or where the victim is an adult, visit our How to Report Abuse page.