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CMG Connect Program and Training

The Diocese of Albany is committed to providing a “safe environment” for everyone, especially children. We believe in education that raises awareness of sexual abuse that identifies the signs of sexual abuse, that explains how to control access to our children and vulnerable adults and that encourages responsible reporting of abuse. This information is critical as we go forward into the future. We have chosen the CMG Connect program to achieve these goals.

All employees of the Diocese and all volunteers who have contact with children must attend the program as a condition of employment or service.

Many CMG Connect presentations have been scheduled for the coming months and new sessions are added regularly. To view the schedule of CMG Connect sessions and to register for a session on-line, select the link below. Also, if you wish to schedule a presentation at your parish, please contact Diocesan Human Resources at (518) 453-6635 or email at diocesan.HR@rcda.org. Priority will be given to places where no other CMG Connect programs are available in the area.  

Sessions and Registration