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C.L.I., Breakaway, and Breakaway Music 2018


Join Christian Leadership Institute and Breakaway for yet another summer at Pyramid Life Center on June 24-28, 2018. Launching this year will also be Breakaway Music, a new program comprised of high school youth who have, or have not, attended C.L.I. or Breakaway and who wish to delve into a week of music, fellowship, and prayer, while serving as leaders for Breakaway’s prayer services. Learn more about each program using the tabs below.

Christian Leadership Institute

This year, the five day program will be held from June 24th - June 28th 2018 at the beautiful Pyramid Life Center in Paradox, New York.

C.L.I. is a program designed to foster the leadership potential in individuals entering their sophomore, junior, or senior year of high school. 

The Institute is an opportunity for dedicated and enthusiastic Roman Catholic students who are interested in:

  • Developing their faith and leadership skills through prayer and reflection
  • Being more active in the Catholic faith community 
  • Learning alongside like-minded peers through a diverse collection of activities and workshops.


C.L.I. is run by Diocesan Coordinator of Youth Ministry and a team of trianed and dedicated youth, young adults, and youth ministers from the Diocese. The staff has developed a program aimed at strenghtening christian leadership through a variety workships, prayer, and community living. 

Workshops topics include:

  • Christian Leadership
  • Communication
  • Group Dynamics
  • Decision Making


The program cost is $315 per person and includes meals, lodging, and materials. 

For more information contact the Diocese of Albany Coordinator of Youth Ministry - David Stagliano at stagliad@rcda.org or (518) 453- 6610

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Breakaway IV

Breakaway is a certified NYS children's camp for students entering grades 7-9 held at the beautiful Pyramid Life Center. 

The week long program is an opportunity for students to explore their faith through a series of workshops and activities. The camp is led by youth ministers who have a passion for helping children develop their faith. Students will enjoy many fun and educational activites, including:

  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Canoeing and Kayaking
  • Lit-urgy and Prayer
  • Lots of Fun!

Space will be limited.

For more information contact Brian Evers at Brain.Evers@rcda.org or (518) 453-6635

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Breakaway Music

The five-day NYS certified camp will run from June 24- 28 and allow past participants of the C.L.I. and Breakaway Programs to return to the Pyramid Life Center and tap into their musical talents. Students will design their own experience and fill their days with music and singing.

Participants will:

  • Lead and plan Breakaway prayer services
  • Enjoy free time with fellow musicians
  • Learn about the music of their faith
  • Have fun and enjoy the outdoors!


Space is Limited! Cost is $275.

For more information contact Brian Evers, Camp Director at Brian.Evers@rcda.org or (518) 453-6635

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