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Request a Papal Blessing

WASHINGTON, DC 20008-3687
TEL. 202/333-7121 -FAX 202/337-4036
A request for a Papal Blessing, in the form of a printed certificate, should be
addressed to the Most Reverend Christophe Pierre Apostolic Nuncio, at the above address.
The request must include:
1) A recommendation from a parish priest of the person(s) to receive the
blessing, or from a priest familiar with the person(s), attesting to
his/her/their good standing in the Catholic Church. The request should be
on the parish letterhead and have the parish seal.
(a)  In the case of a wedding, both parties should be Catholics. (For
anniversaries, it is sufficient that one of the members is Catholic.)
(b)  For priests, parishes, associations or organizations, the request should be
presented by the Diocesan Bishop.
(c)  For religious, the request should come from their superior.
2)  The following information must be clearly typed or written in capital
letters: (See attached pdf)
(a) the name(s) of the people to receive the blessing
(b)  the occasion to be celebrated (such as weddings, anniversaries of a special
nature -25th, 50th, 60th-, special Birthdays -80th, 90th, and so on-religious
profession, first communions, confirmations). A general blessing for no
specific occasion may also be requested.
(c)  the date of the occasion
(d)  if a wedding, the name of the church and its city and state
(e)  the diocese to which the person(s) to receive the blessing belongs
(f)  the address to which the document is to be mailed
3) An offering of $20.00 is customary and should be made by check or money order,
payable to the Apostolic Nunciature.
All requests should be presented in writing. Please allow a minimum of two to
three weeks. Requests by fax should be followed by the original hard copy by mail,
indicating that it has already been faxed. Requests by e-mail are not acceptable.

Download Request Form (PDF)