Beware of Email Scam

November 1, 2018

We have received word from several parishes that many of their parishioners — particularly those involved in ministry — have received scam emails that appear to be from the pastor and seek donations, mostly of gift cards. The address is typically a Gmail address with the name of the pastor or parish, making it look legitimate. Unfortunately, some people, believing the request was real, have responded, giving out credit card and other personal information. Please let us know if you learn of any such email scams in your parish. Email us at
For parishes that have any concerns, here is a sample bulletin announcement:


(Parish name here) will never send you emails requesting donations, gift cards, and personal information such as credit card numbers. If you receive such an email, even if the email address seems legitimate, know that it is a scam. Please report such emails to the parish office so that we can inform the Diocese and ensure that appropriate communications are sent out to warn others. Thank you.