The Chancellor assists the diocesan bishop by notarizing official documents of the Bishop and by maintaining the diocesan archives. Diocesan statistical reports for the annual Official Catholic Directory, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and for the Roman Curia are also the responsibilities of the Chancellor’s Office.

The Office of the Chancellor also helps disseminate information to clergy, parishes, and the Catholic faithful that may be beneficial to the people of the Diocese.

The appointment of a Chancellor is required for every diocesan curia, in accordance with canon 482 of the Code of Canon Law.  “In every curia a chancellor is to be appointed whose principal function, unless particular law establishes otherwise, is to take care that the acts (official diocesan documents) of the curia are gathered, arranged, and safeguarded in the archive of the curia.” - Code of Canon Law (Canon 482 §1)