Hope and Healing

"Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest."

Matthew 11:28


A survivor has written: "when you meet one survivor, you've met one survivor."

Each victim survivor of abuse and trauma has his or her own story. The circumstances leading to abuse or trauma may have similarities, but each is unique. The path forward is also unique for each person.

This Hope & Healing page provides information about events and resources that aim to address the different needs of survivors. If you have additional ideas or resources, or if you find anything on this page problematic, we would appreciate hearing from you. And please, reach out if you need assistance accessing care: assistance.coordinator@rcda.org.

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Evangelist Special Hope & Healing Edition

April 27, 2023

Hope & Healing Masses

Over the course of eight months, the Hope and Healing Committee shared a message of healing in each of the seven regional Vicariates of our Diocese. The goal was to send a message to survivors that they do no have to walk alone as they work towards healing from abuse and trauma. The first Mass was held at St Gabriel's in Rotterdam in October, 2022. The last of the seven was held on June 4, 2023 at Our Lady of Victory in Troy. The Hope and Healing committee was also blessed to have met survivors who have been willing to share their stories and help us to learn how we can help them on their healing journey. You can find their stories here https://www.rcda.org/offices/safe-environment/survivors

Video from Previous Hope & Healing Masses

Vicariate Resources 

If you are looking for resources within your own Vicariate (geographical location), please click on the following links.

Prayers & Spiritual Resources

Counseling Resources

Some people find individual and group counseling to be of great help. Please reach out to us if you would like assistance in finding a counselor:


State & Federal Resources

RCDA Hope and Healing Committee Members 

  • Ann Marie Carswell, Process Coordinator for Diocesan Review Board and Assistance Office
  • Noelle Marie, Diocesan Assistance Coordinator
  • Deacon Gary Riggi
  • Father Matthew Duclos
  • Mary Fay, Associate Director for Marriage Formation Ministry and Family Life Coordinator of Pastoral Care Ministries
  • Kathy Barrans, Director of Communications