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Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs

The Commission for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs seeks to foster through common worship, dialogue, and social action, the most effective relationships among the people of the Diocese of Albany and the people of other ecclesial communities. Established in 1968, the Commission strives to encourage mutual growth toward the fullness of unity in Christ and toward productive inter-religious affairs.

Diocesan Commission

Mr. Frank Pell, Chairperson

Commission members 

Rev. James Kane, Director 
Rev. David Mickiewicz, Liaison to Orthodox Dialogue 
Rev. Donna Elia, Protestant Advisor & Protestant-Catholic Dialogue 
Mrs. Kathleen Kerrigan Duff, Jewish-Catholic Dialogue 
Mr. Edward L. Falterman 
Mrs. Audrey Hughes, Muslim-Catholic Dialogue 
Mrs. Joan Lipscomb, Vice-Chair 
Mr. Frank Pell, Our Neighbors’ Faith 
Ms. Anne Snyder, Protestant-Catholic Dialogue 
Mrs. Lynn Watermam 
Deacon Walter Ayres, Liaison, Diocesan Peace & Justice Commission 
Deacon Charles Wojton, web site administration