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Dear Brothers & Sisters:

Welcome to Vocations in the Diocese of Albany. It is my pleasure to speak to you about the call of God in your life. I believe that every one of us is needed to assist in the building of the Kingdom here on earth. Perhaps you are being called to the life of a consecrated religious or diocesan priest.

Could it be? Something has led you to this site! That indicates you are interested in initiating the process of discerning God's special task for you. Yes, since baptism, you have been designated as one who will be sent out to bring the message of the Good News to all people through your loving actions and generous service.

There are many ways to proclaim the Kingdom of God. Two very special ways are through the life of a woman or man religious, or as an ordained priest. I invite you to explore our website and find out more about vocations within the Catholic Church. Then, please, keep praying and know that we are praying too for your vocation.

If you feel the desire to pursue a life of prayer and action as a diocesan priest or religious, I urge you to take the next step and contact our Vocation Office. Don't let God's call go unheard!

Be assured of my prayers for you as you consider you vocation. May the Lord bless you abundantly!

In faith,

Edward B. Scharfenberger
Bishop of Albany

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