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Bishop Maginn High School to Close at the End of 2021-22 School Year

February 16, 2022


Kevin Keenan


     Bishop Maginn High School has been a provider of quality education to its students since its founding in 1977. However, due to continued low enrollment and the rising costs of education, the school has experienced significant financial difficulties over many years. These difficulties have led to a decision to close Bishop Maginn at the end of the 2021-2022 academic year.

Tuition revenue and fundraising have not been able to cover the schools operating costs for many years. The Diocese, through its broad support of Catholic Education has assisted Bishop Maginn financially, but with the Diocese confronted with its own financial stresses brought on by the pandemic and other factors, it can no longer do so. Located at 75 Park Ave., Albany, the school building is owned by the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, which forgave Bishop Maginn’s rent for the current school year because of its financial difficulties.

The closing of Bishop Maginn High School in no way diminishes the Diocese’s desire to continue to support the students, faculty, staff, and parents of the school. Bishop Maginn students will be welcomed at Catholic Central School in Latham and Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons School in Schenectady. These two schools are also providers of quality Catholic education and an open and inviting environment just as Bishop Maginn has been. Both schools offer a wide selection of academic opportunities, including relationships with area colleges and universities, and strong athletic and humanities programs. The two schools will honor existing tuition arrangements of Bishop Maginn students and families.

To help facilitate the transition for Bishop Maginn students and families to these schools, the Albany Diocesan School Board (ADSB) is investigating transportation opportunities. In addition, Michael Tolan, Bishop Maginn Principal, has committed to personally working with every student and his or her family to facilitate a smooth transition to their new school for the 2022-23 Academic Year.

“Our school has been blessed by the presence of our students and their families and all they have contributed to Bishop Maginn,” Tobin said. “In the coming months, we will continue to provide our students with the very best Catholic education, we will celebrate Bishop Maginn’s heritage, and we will help our students transition to another Catholic high school. For our seniors, the leaders of our school, we will honor them as they prepare for college or wherever they go beyond Bishop Maginn.”

“This decision was extremely difficult, and I know the heartbreak it will cause Bishop Maginn students, their families, the dedicated faculty and staff, alumni, and friends,” said Bishop Edward B. Scharfenberger. “I thank everyone who did what they could to keep the school open. I also want to extend my extreme gratitude to the school families for their ongoing commitment to Bishop Maginn and I encourage them to enroll their children in other Catholic high schools so we can continue to accompany them on their education and faith formation journey.”

Impacted by the decision are Bishop Maginn’s current faculty and staff of 16 employees. The ADSB Personnel Coordinator will work with these individuals to find employment in other Catholic schools. With the continued need for teachers at the other schools in the Diocese, most if not all, of Bishop Maginn’s faculty and staff are expected to find work at those Catholic schools.

“As superintendent of schools and a Class of 1999 graduate, my commitment and investment in Bishop Maginn is both personal and professional, making this one of the most difficult set of circumstances during my tenure,” said Diocesan Superintendent of Schools Giovanni Virgiglio. “Since moving to 75 Park Ave., Bishop Maginn has renewed its mission and I am confident that mission will continue in a new way at our other Diocesan high schools.”

Bishop Maginn High School was founded in 1977 as the single Diocesan Catholic High School in the City of Albany. The school’s founding was the result of preceding Catholic high school mergers that included several heritage schools: Cardinal McCloskey Memorial High School and Vincentian Institute were consolidated to form Bishop Maginn. The other heritage schools include those Catholic high schools that were consolidated well before the 1977 founding of Bishop Maginn: Saint Joseph’s Academy, Cathedral Academy, Saint John’s High School, and Saint Ann’s High School. In 2015, Bishop Maginn High School relocated from 99 Slingerland Ave. to 75 Park Ave. (the former Cathedral Academy Elementary School building), in Albany.