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Diocese Issues Statement on Attorney General Subpoena

September 6, 2018

Diocesan Spokesperson Mary DeTurris Poust issued the following statement on behalf the Diocese Sept. 6, when the Diocese of Albany — along with the other seven (arch)dioceses in the state — received a subpoena from the State Attorney General: 

“We welcome the investigation by the Attorney General and look forward to working with her. As Bishop Scharfenberger stated in his letter to the people of our diocese, when he made the decision to ask Albany District Attorney David Soares to review our records, we believe that only by shining a light on whatever might be hidden can we bring about true healing for survivors and for our Church. Bishop Scharfenberger has said, “We have to do what is right, even if it is not easy.” We are ready and willing to cooperate with the Attorney General in every way we can.”

Bishop Scharfenberger Asks District Attorney Soares to Review Records