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Bishop’s Response to Abuse Crisis

Good Policy – April 13, 2022 The Evangelist reports on the Catholic Church’s response on a bill that would add clergy to the list of mandated reporters in New York State.

Bishop’s Column – April 7, 2022: Bishop Scharfenberger’s column talks about the need for the Church to be a safe space for all, especially survivors of abuse.

A Powerful Message – April 7, 2022 The Evangelist shares the message conveyed in a beautiful display at the Pastoral Center, recognizing National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Bishop’s Column March 17, 2022: Bishop Scharfenberger talks about raising expectations and trusting God in troubling times.

‘Evening of Reflection’ set for those who have been abused – October 6, 2021 The Hope and Healing Committee plans an Evening of Reflection.

Bishop’s Column September 22, 2021:  The Bishop talks about reality therapy, as we deal with sinfulness and realize our need for a savior.

Bishop's Column August 12, 2021: Bishop's column talks about the impending deadline of the New York State Child Victims Act (CVA) closing

Evangelist Column August 6, 2021Bishop’s recent message to his people regarding the abuse issue​​​​​​​

Mass of Hope and Healing - May 3, 2021 Bishop Scharfenberger celebrates Mass for survivors of child sexual abuse.

Justice Restored - September 5, 2019 Bishop Scharfenberger's column on the Child Victims Act, appearing in the Thursday, September 5, 2019 issue of The Evangelist.

I share your sorrow - August 25, 2019 Bishop Scharfenberger's letter to local Catholics

Diocesan Task Force on Sexual Abuse - Visit rcda.org/TaskForce

News Release - April 11, 2019  Bishop establishes abuse task force

Column - April 11, 2019  The Evangelist: Bishop establishes abuse task force

Eucharistic Congress - September 22, 2018 Renewal of Promises of Priesthood: Bishop Edward B. Scharfenberger asked the priests of the Diocese of Albany to join him in recommitting themselves to the promises of the priesthood they made at ordination. 

TV Interview - September 07, 2018 Shining a Light: In exclusive interview, Bishop discusses decision to open records to DA

Letter to Diocese - September 06, 2018 Bishop Scharfenberger Asks District Attorney Soares to Review Records

Letter to Clergy – August 31, 2018  Bishop Scharfenberger’s letter to priests asking them to make a public restatement of the promises of their priesthood at the Eucharistic Congress on September 22, 2018, at the Shrine in Auriesville

Column - August 23, 2018  The Evangelist: Living in the truth we believe

Pastoral Letter - August 17, 2018  In a letter to Catholics throughout the Diocese, Bishop Scharfenberger addresses the pain many Catholics are feeling in the wake of the Pennsylvania grand jury report and urges them to remain in the Church and help rebuild it

Special Statement - August 06, 2018 Bishop Scharfenberger: Laity are "essential," must lead any investigation

Letter to Clergy - July 29, 2018  Bishop Scharfenberger’s letter to clergy stating abuse revelations are sign of "profoundly spiritual crisis"

Column - November 19, 2015 The Evangelist: Toward Openness and Healing

Protecting Children - How to report abuse, list of offenders, safe environment protocol, policies and guidelines.