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For most of us, faith life begins at home. We teach our children their first prayers, take our family to Mass each week, and incorporate holiday rituals and traditions we hope will be passed on from generation to generation. Sometimes, however, in this busy world, it can be challenging to figure out ways to slow down and focus on the beauty of Advent amid the rush of the secular version of the Christmas season. There are so many fun and beautiful ways to celebrate the weeks leading up to Christmas. Why not try something new this Advent and start a tradition of your own?


Favorite Advent Traditions – 

  • Read about St. Nicholas and leave small gifts in your children's shoes on his Feast Day on Dec. 6
  • Celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on Dec. 8 by baking spice cookies
  • Whip up a batch of Mexican Hot Chocolate to celebrate the Feasts of St. Juan Diego on Dec. 9 and Our Lady of Guadalupe on Dec. 12
  • Learn about the legend of St. Lucy and bake a special batch of Santa Lucia buns and take a drive to see all the Christmas lights
  • Take tree trimming back to its roots. The Christmas tree wasn’t always decorated with glass bulbs and string lights, but with apples, nuts and Marzipan cookies. You can bake cookies and string popcorn and cranberries with your loved ones to hang on the tree. This is especially handy if you are a new homeowner or recently out on your own and don’t have a collection of ornaments yet.
  • Create an Advent Jesse Tree.  This ancient tradition, based on Isaiah 11:1, helps children learn the Christmas story and related Scripture.  Background information, instructions, and required materials can be found here.
  •  Set up a small manger in a prominent place in your home, and invite the kids to place a piece of ‘hay’ in it for every act of kindness or sacrifice they make to prepare a soft bed for the Christ Child
  • Listen to an Advent playlist rather than Christmas carols


Advent Wreaths & Calendars -

  • Advent wreaths made of evergreen branches represent God’s endless love and Eternal Life. The wreath is outfitted with four candles, three purple and one rose meant to represent hope, love, joy and Peace.
  • Place an Advent wreath on your table and light the candles every time you sit down to eat – don't forget to bless the wreath.
  • Take it a step further and forage for Advent wreath decorations. You can collect branches, dry flowers, citrus fruits and berries, and snip evergreen branches and holly berries to decorate your wreath. On the first Sunday start with the plain pine branches and slowly add more and more decorations each week, by Christmas, you will have a beautifully decorated wreath. After adding the decorations, bless and light the wreath. Read more about the beauty of the advent wreath, here.
  • Use an Advent Calendar to count down the days till Christmas – have everyone share one thing they are grateful for before opening each door or practice works of mercy on the journey towards Christmas. You can even download a calendar to print or find an online calendar!


Advent Craft Series -

This Advent we wanted to bring people together… with crafts! Erina Dacey the HR Specialist here at #40NorthMain is here to share her talent for crafting with all of you! New DIY craft videos on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram every Saturday of Advent!

Week 1: DIY Advent Wreath 

Week 2: DIY St. Nicholas Ornament 

Week 3: DIY Advent Angel 

Week 4: DIY Christmas Centerpiece 

Download Desktop & Phone Backgrounds - 

Change your phone or computer background to an image that reminds you to prepare the way of the Lord! Click on the image below to download.

Phone Prepare the way Background.png Desktop Bishop Quote Background.pngDesktop Candles Background.png

Desktop Behold Background.pngDesktop Christmas Background.png

Phone Emmanuel Background.png