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Growing our relationship with Jesus starts with prayer. You can start simply: take some time to reflect and listen; say a familiar prayer; open up Scripture and see what speaks to you; utilize resources to assist you on the journey. Below you’ll find links to prayers and other spiritual nourishment to guide you through Advent and beyond.

Devotionals and Guided prayer -

Devotionals are guides that help you plan your spiritual journey, focusing on scripture reading, reflection, and prayer. You can find devotionals for all liturgical seasons and situations, we have linked a few of our favorites for this Advent season below.

The Theology of Advent –

Further reading, watching and listening:


Understanding Advent –


Haven't been to Mass in a while and wondering where to start? Start by getting to know Jesus again through prayer. It doesn't matter how long it’s been since you have been to Mass. You are always invited to encounter Jesus in the Mass. Just remember that due to COVID many Mass schedules are limited or changed. It's best to check with your local parish before planning to attend. 

Find a Local Parish

If you can't attend Mass in person, you can attend Mass via livestream. Find a livestream. ​

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