Eucharistic Congress Schedule

Conference Schedule

Below is the conference schedule, providing a reference to anyone who wishes to experience the talks in the order that they were offered. 


Friday, October 20, 2023

6:00pm: Adoration & Confessions in Coliseum

6:30pm: Evening Prayer

7:00pm: Official Welcome & Start of the Congress

7:15pm: Keynote by Tim Glemkowski, "The Need for a Eucharistic Revival." 

8:00pm: Musical Break

8:15pm: Keynote by Mari Pablo, "Heart to Heart: Jesus' Eucharistic Heart and Ours" (Spanish)

9:00pm: Musical Break

9:15pm: Keynote by Fr. Richard Fragomeni, "Bread of Angels, Gift of Baptism, Promise of Life: The Eucharistic Fulfillment of God's Desire" 

10:00pm: Return of Monstrance to Coliseum

Night Prayer

Adoration & Confessions through the night


Saturday, October 21, 2023

6:45am: Breakfast Available

7:30am: Morning Prayer

            Bringing of Monstrance to 40-Hour Chapel

            Musical Break

8:00am: Keynote by Mother Clare Matthiass, CFR, "The Incredible Gift of Eucharistic Adoration." 

8:45am: Musical Break

9:00am: Keynote by Bishop Joseph Espaillat — "Adoration: Fulfilling Our Vocation of Love" (Spanish)

9:45am: Musical Break

10:00am: Keynote by Prof. Peter Kreeft, "The Eucharist as the Remedy and Response to Secularism"

10:45am: Musical Break

10:55am: Video Greetings from Cardinal Timothy Dolan

11:00am: Mass celebrated by Bishop Terry LaValley

12:30pm: Praise and Worship Holy Hour in Coliseum

             Lunch Available

2:15pm: Return of Monstrance to the 40-Hour Chapel

2:30pm: Keynote by Supreme Knight Patrick Kelly, "The Eucharistic Heart of a Father" 

3:15pm: Instructions for Eucharistic Procession

3:25pm: Return of Monstrance to Coliseum

3:30pm: Beginning of Eucharistic Procession

5:00pm: Conclusion of Procession in Coliseum

            Eucharistic Adoration in Coliseum

            Dinner Available

6:30pm: Evening Prayer

6:45pm: Return of Monstrance to 40-Hour Chapel

            Musical Interlude

7:00pm: Keynote by Katie Prejean McGrady, "Fostering Eucharistic Love within the Family" 

7:45pm: Break and Musical Interlude

8:00pm: Keynote by Fr. Malachy Napier, CFR, "St. Francis of Assisi and the Furnace of Charity" (Spanish)

8:45pm: Musical Interlude

9:00pm: Return of Monstrance to Coliseum

            Praise and Worship Holy Hour

10:00pm: Adoration and Confessions through the night


Sunday, October 22, 2023

6:45am: Breakfast Available

7:30am: Morning Prayer

            Bringing of Monstrance to 40-Hour Chapel

            Musical Break

8:00am: Keynote by Lisa Lickona, "'My Defense and Shield and Strength and Salvation': The Eucharist in the Lives of our American Woman Saints"

8:45am: Musical Break

9:00am: Keynote by Sr. Mary Grace, Langrell, SV, "Eucharistic Intimacy: Letting Love Conquer Your Heart"

9:45am: Musical Break

10:00am: Keynote by Fr. David Dwyer, CSP, "Understanding What We Are Doing: Toward a Revived Participation in the Mass"

10:45am: Musical Break

11:00am: Mass, Bishop Scharfenberger, principal celebrant

12:30pm: Thanks and Concluding Remarks

             Final blessing and dismissal

             Lunch available