“We are all part of the Body of Christ. Everyone has a role to play. Everyone has a place.” — Bishop Edward B. Scharfenberger

Final Report on March 2024 Synod Sessions

 Dioceses all across the U.S. were asked to hold a new round of synod listening sessions during Lent, focusing on church structure, organization, leadership, and church life. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany held four sessions.

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Synthesis of Spring 2024 Synod Sessions:
Gathering the Fruits of Our Conversation in the Spirit
Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, New York


Synod Updates

Letter to People of God from Synod Assembly

Towards October 2024 - Steps to be Taken

A Series of Articles: The Synod on Synodality: communion, participation, mission

How to have Conversations in the Spirit? Steps Toward a Synodal Church

Synthesis of Listening Sessions (June 2022)

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Synod: a definition 

“Despite the odd-sounding words, the vision is very simple: it’s about experiencing our faith as a journey together, accompanied by Jesus and the Apostles,” writes Bishop Scharfenberger in his Evangelist column. Essentially, the Synod, as Pope Francis has outlined it, will be about mutual listening and dialoging. It will be about reflecting and journeying together. Don’t get scared off by the unusual words. (Synodality isn’t even in the dictionary!) This local synod process is simply going to be an opportunity for you to share your thoughts, your hopes and your needs as a Catholic. We want to hear from you. We want to know what you need from the Church – both local and universal – to help you on your journey of faith. Together we will take the next steps toward greater unity, greater collaboration, greater faith!

Read Bishop Scharfenberger’s full column on the opening of the Synod in the Diocese of Albany

Listening Sessions


The Diocese of Albany is excited to announce the beginning phase in the worldwide “Synod on Synodality” initiated by Pope Francis.  The diocese will coordinate regional listening sessions for its 126 parishes, at which everyone is encouraged to share their opinions on what they are looking for from today’s Church.  The listening sessions will be hosted at a central location within each of the seven vicariates across the diocese.  Bishop Scharfenberger will be in attendance, lead the opening prayer, and spend time listening to the faithful.  The sessions will be guided by a facilitator utilizing universal questions and provide the opportunity for small group breakout sessions.

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Synod Listening Sessions Toolkit 

Resources in Spanish 

Video: What a Synod Session Looks Like

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United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) 

Synod Preparation Webinar Series 

Prayer Card 

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Diocesan Synod Committee

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